Read how neighbors joined with businesspeople in a unique campaign to fight crime along Portland’s Avenue of Roses ‚Ķ

82nd Avenue of Roses Association board member Mark Schmidt (far right) organizes volunteers for their crime reduction information and window-cling distribution event.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Earlier than you’d expect on a Saturday morning, a small crowd started assembling outside the Bank of the West at SE 82nd Ave. of Roses and Division St. on June 3.

Soon, two dozen neighbors, business people and other volunteers had gathered on a beautiful morning to take on an ugly issue – crime along the avenue.

See how ‚Äì and why ‚Äì the Leach Botanical Garden’s Children’s Nature Fair “hooks” kids on learning about nature ‚Ķ

David Christenson with little Marcella and Vincent being checked in by volunteer Ann Kracke. “It is a beautiful day,” David told us. “This is our first time coming out to the Botanical Garden. It is nearby, so we thought we’d come to see the Children’s Nature Fair. They’ll see insects, bugs and animals. It is good for them to learn more about our world ‚Äì this gives them a hand-on experience.”

See how his brother ‚Äì one of the original Portland rock group, The Kingsmen —  follows his passion, and turns it into a rockin’ good time ‚Ķ

Sorry we don’t have a PodCast running here on our website yet, but if we did you could hear the great sounds as they were laid down by the Dennis Mitchell Band, photographed here at the New Copper Penny in Lents a few weeks ago.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
When he was young, Dennis Mitchell was known has the “little brother” of Mike Mitchell, lead guitar player of The Kingsmen (of Louie, Louie fame).

Hey, look! If you missed the Gateway Fun-O-Rama Parade and Fair – this article is short – but boy-o-boy, do we have the photos …

Photo Story by David F. Ashton

Portland Police Officer Mike Gallagher pulling in with the Cadet trailer loaded with bike helmets.

On the Fun-O-Rama Parade reviewing stand, ready to announce the passing parade, are Bianca Gille, St. Therese; James Luu, Parkrose High School; Michael Taylor, Superintendent, Parkrose School District; Fred Sanchez, GABA and Realty Brokers at 111th Square; Barbara Rommel, Superintendent, David Douglas Schools; Barbara Ho, David Douglas high school.

See volunteers work, so others may have good, family housing they can afford …

Helping with the planting project are Mike Schmidt, Stanley Tools; Dave Winterling, Stanley Tools; Kris Cowan, Joe Kelley, volunteer on the site; and Todd Cleek, volunteer and member of the board of directors of the Kivel & Howard Law Firm.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
East on SE Stark, near the Gresham city border, another Habitat for Humanity development is about ready for happy families who got the opportunity to buy new, reduced-priced housing in outer East Portland.

Watch ’em blow up cars ‚Äì just for the fun of it! See RC race cars blast around the track at 100 mph! View hundreds of the best classic, special interest and hot rod vehicles assembled in one place.  Beeeee there ‚Ķ

Hundreds of all kinds of specialty vehicles are on display at the Parkrose Rose Festival Cruise-in on June 24.

Story and archive photos by David F. Ashton
What’s the ONLY officially-sanctioned Portland Rose Festival event located east of the 82nd Avenue of Roses?

Learn the secrets of mediation they learned at their “Chamber After Hours” and see how they helped with the grand reopening of the Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel ‚Ķ

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Chamber After Hours
“After Hours” allow members and guests to gather, network and learn at an evening event once every quarter, in addition to the groups weekly Wednesday morning meetings.

Everyone who came to the East Portland Chamber’s “Chamber After Hours” event at Bill Dayton’s (on the right) Pizza Baron was greeted by the savory smell of pizza, served by event sponsor (left) Nancy Chapin, The Support Group on May 18.

Look at the folks having fun at this year’s Police Activities League Auction, as they raise fun as well as funds ‚Ķ

DJ Steve Andersen spun tunes while Patricia Peneyck, Debra Monk Terri Baker checked folks in to the “Blast from the Past” auction for PAL on May 13.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
We expect cops to bust the crooks, and hold criminals at bay. It’s their job.

But do you know that Portland Police Bureau officers volunteer their time, working with more than 3,500 youth each year, to help them stay on the straight-and-narrow?

See what happens when 35 restaurants lay out their best food, great bands play and offer items to bid …

Nancy Chapin checks in some of the 150 party goers to “Hawthorne: Party On” at Chelsea Ballroom.

There was no shortage of great food at the Hawthorne Business Association’s May 12 event.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

The second-story Chelsea Ballroom started filling up promptly as the doors opened for the first-ever at “Hawthorne: Party On” event on May 12.

See why “the fair that wouldn’t die” ‚Äì even though Multnomah County commissioners cut funding and dropped their support of this great tradition years ago ‚Ķ

With the help of children from her audience, Mother Goose brings barnyard magic to the Multnomah County Fair.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Locating Multnomah County Fair at Portland Meadows for the past two years allowed organizers to hold the event in late summer. But, somehow, it never had the “fair-like” atmosphere of its longtime location, the Expo Center–or of its immediately previous home, Oaks Amusement Park.

At the Sellwood Park Bird Festival, we met Bob Sallinger, holding a swallow plaque painted by his son, Peter.

Story and Photos by David F. Ashton
Under the sunny sky, in warm, spring weather, May 13th supplied a perfect setting for the “International Migratory Bird Day” at Oaks Bottom.

“Today, we’re exploring the role we play in protecting migratory birds,” is how Bob Sallinger, Urban Conservation Director, Portland Audubon Society, explained the activities at Sellwood Park, overlooking the Oaks Bottom wetland. “We call it a ‘bird festival’, and hope to make people more aware of the bird diversity we have here in the urban landscape.”

See amazing photos … and read what happens when men and women of Portland Fire & Rescue – from all over East Portland – pulled on their gear and headed out to fight one of the largest industrial fires in years …

The Taylor Electric fire was so intense; embers flew up stories high into the air. In fact, a pallet rack shelf was projected high into the night sky by an explosion of burning material, carried up on convection current.

A firefighter climbs atop an adjoining building to make sure embers didn’t set it ablaze.

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