Instead of picking up a newspaper, about 70,000 people every week are turning to East Portland News for one reason – they find stories that help them feel connected to their community.

Unlike any newspaper available in the area, East Portland News is crammed full of interesting stories readers can’t find anywhere else — and nothing else.

There are no “opinion” columns.
No cartoons.
No fluff, no filler or press releases presented as stories.

Readers enjoy – and share with others – stories written from an East Portland perspective. They learn how East Portland civic, neighborhood, education and business leaders think about important city, county, state and national issues affecting us all.

And, instead of having to wade through long, boring articles, East Portland News  readers get the facts, presented in concisely-worded stories.

And, don’t forget the photos! Each story is lavishly illustrated with lots of exclusive photographs that help the reader feel like they experienced the event – not simply read about it.

Home of East Portland’s definitive Community Calendar
Each month, you’ll find from 70 to 100 neighborhood association, organization, school, arts and activity listings.

You’ll discover new ways to get involved in your community, and learn about fun, family-friendly activities – most of them are free!

We update the Community Calendar throughout the month, and even give you a “look ahead” at the coming month’s events.

Environmentally friendly, hosted locally
First, because there is no printed version of East Portland News, we’re saving trees and the environment from the processing chemical used to make paper and ink, and fuel used to deliver the raw printing materials – and distributing newspapers.

And, not only do we carry stories showing how your neighbors are helping make East Portland a better, more environmentally-friendly place to live, the computers that hold and show you our website are 100% renewable-energy powered!

And, we believe in supporting local business. That’s why we’re now hosted, right here in Portland, by a locally owned and operated family firm.

To find out more about our hosting company, click on the “Wind Powered” logo on our pages; you’ll be taken to their website.

Active, measurable readership
East Portlanders who come to East Portland News are actively involved with our news service. They are seeking out the content we provide.

Your ad goes on the top of the page

GOOGLE has noticed how many readers we have – that’s why you’ll find their ads on our pages. They’re looking for web sites with exclusive content that’s updated regularly.

But, we’ve reserved the top of every page for our local business friends. Obviously, we can permit only a limited number advertisers to have this “top spot” on East Portland News.

Contact David@eastpdxnews.com today and ask about our recession-busting rates.

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