Thanks to help from the Portland Water Bureau, the East Portland Neighborhood Office is now meets in the Hazelwood Water District building …

Now, these chairs and committee leaders of east Portland neighborhoods can meet in their own space.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
For years, the low concrete block building at 1017 NE 117th Avenue was used primarily for storage by the Portland Water Bureau.

“I was looking at some of the Portland Water Bureau properties last year,” Commissioner Randy Leonard tells us, “and thought this building might make a good location for EPNO.”

From Gresham to inner SE Portland, a group of dedicated volunteers work to clean and keep up the 26 miles of Johnson Creek. Read this article and see why their work is important … and how you can help …

Jeff Uebel, Chair of the Johnson Creek Watershed Council, shares a moment with the organization’s executive director, Michelle Bussard, in the silent auction room at their annual meeting.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
From Gresham to inner SE Portland, a group of dedicated volunteers work to clean and keep up the 26 miles of Johnson Creek.

While they long for a permanent home, founders of the Ladybug Theater still play to full houses in Sellwood, and spark imaginations …

Michele Earley and her son, Matt Pipes start the show with Baby Bear in their production of “The Three Little Pigs”.  Wait!..Baby Bear? “He wanted to be in our show, and the kids agreed it was a good idea,” Earley explained.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Many of Portland’s professional “Equity” actors started their careers sharing the stage with a ladybug. So did National Public Radio’s Ari Shapiro.

Read this and see why some of the top P.I.R. drag-racers’ jaws drop when this former Datson 1200 silently slinks up to the starting line ‚Ķ

John “Plasma boy” Wayland, the owner of this 100 mph electric dragster, says petro-fueled racers snicker when his battery-powered car rolls up to the line ‚Äì until smokes them at speeds of over 100 mph.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
We’d never seen a “cruise-in” like this before, at the Village Inn restaurant in the Gateway/Mall 205 area. And this car show ‚Äì featuring a dozen electric cars ‚Äì was drawing quite a crowd.

The smiles you’ll see on this family’s faces tell the story. Read this story and learn how a group turns low-income renters into homeowners ‚Äì but makes participants work long and hard for the privilege ‚Ķ

Celebrating one of sixteen new homes in Lents is (back row) Steve Messinetti, executive director Portland Habitat for Humanity, new “sweat equity” homeowners Thomas and Luda Le, Bill Goodale; (front row) homeowner’s kids Jasmine and Taylor Le and Carol Goodale. The Goodales are the Le’s Habitat for Humanity “family supporters”.

Celebrate a library’s birthday? Look at this article and see GIANT lions invade the main reading room. And, you’ll discover why this mid-county library touches so many lives ‚Äì and how things might change of the library’s bond measure fails ‚Ķ

Midland Library’s 10th anniversary celebration got underway with the help of two fanciful lions from the Northwest Lion Dance Association.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The reading room is normally very quiet. But today, a ceremonial drum pounds out a desk-shaking rhythm, waking dozing library patrons from their dreamy reveries on September 16 at Midland Library.

Firefighter’s fast response ‚Äì and solid construction ‚Äì keeps new condos at NE 84th Ave. and Russell from burning up in a fiery ball of death ‚Ķ

By the time we arrived, minutes after it was reported, Portland Fire & Rescue Engine 12, with assistance from the crew from Station 2, start to clean up their gear.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Crews from Portland Fire & Rescue race into action when a multi-family dwelling catches on fire. They know a small fire can quickly turn into a major conflagration – especially when it is fueled by burning vehicle parked in a garage below the living area.

Discover why a retired company president is leading a campaign to fully-fund Head Start programs. And, see a cute photo of Governor Ted Kulongoski reading to kids at the rally at Russellville …

Governor Ted Kulongoski read the storybook, “David Goes to School”, to the children in such a colorful and engaging way that, the kids at the Head Start program at Russellville didn’t pay attention to the reporters and TV gear at the “Ready for School” campaign stop.

Let’s check in with the East Portland Chamber of Commerce and see how this energetic group is supporting local businesses ‚Ķ

East Portland Chamber of Commerce members surround Terri Stromatt and Rithya Tang (front row, center) of DNA Services of America at the ribbon cutting ceremony not long ago.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
In addition to representing east Portland businesses on the city, county and regional basis and their “Good Morning East Portland” Wednesday morning networking gatherings, the East Portland Chamber of Commerce welcomes new businesses to the area.

The fourth “Shop with a Cop” in East Portland event was led by Portland’s best known ex-officer, and Woodstock resident, Mayor Tom Potter. See what happens when he is joined by 50 cops from all over town ‚Ķ

Students Jose Carades and Alvaro Sanchez are assigned to Portland’s best known ex-cop, Mayor Tom Potter.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
A week before school started, the parking lot of the Johnson Creek Boulevard Fred Meyer store, on SE 82nd Avenue of Roses, was swarming with police officers early one morning. But this massive police presence wasn’t there to foil a criminal caper.

Food, fun and friendship are the elements that drew hundreds of inner Southeast Portland families to Woodstock Park for a picture perfect afternoon of frivolity …

A walkway through Woodstock Park turned into a festival center, featuring booths set up by area restaurants, merchants, service businesses, and community service groups.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
In 2005, neighbors in the Woodstock area were disappointed because the annual “Woodstock Festival” street fair didn’t take place.

“Our neighborhood association decided we wanted to do something,” said Ruthann Bedenkop, chair of last year’s event, and volunteer this year. “So, we created the Woodstock Family Picnic.”

After nearly 7 hours, police patience pays off, as Washington County SERT officers take an armed outer East Portland man into custody …

For several hours, traffic on outer SE Foster Rd. came to a standstill, while police formulated a plan to take an armed man into custody.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
A resident in an adult foster care home on SE 128th Ave, a block south of Foster Road, was having a very bad day on September 20, according to his caregiver.

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