See why you should be making plans to see ‘PETER PAN’, opening on November 30 ‚Äì and why many performances of the show will be soon sold out ‚Ķ

The pirate band teaches one of their own a little discipline, as this group of students block out a number from their upcoming production of “Peter Pan”.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
We are constantly amazed at high quality of productions mounted by the David Douglas High School Performing Arts Department.

This season’s blockbuster show ‚Äì a full Broadway-style production of “PETER PAN” ‚Äì looks to be a very entertaining show.

Why was Gilbert Heights Elementary School the only grade school in Oregon to win the title of National Title I Distinguished School? Read this article and see …

Gilbert Heights Elementary School Principal Kevin Fordney says the award belongs to the entire staff of the school, because of the way they work together improving each child’s educational experience.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
Being an educator in outer Southeast Portland is a challenging. An increasing number of their students come from less affluent – in fact, poverty-level – families. And, more of their kids are learning English as their second language.

Learn why this event attracted hundreds to go for a run on a cold, soggy Sunday morning …

After their run, Friends of Trees volunteers Scott Fogarty, Lori Hoffman, Rachel Haig, and Steven Sonderman mulch the roots of young saplings the group has planted along the Oaks Bottom Trail.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
More than 230 runners and walkers decided to “leaf their problems behind them” as participated in the first “Fun Run for Restoration” held by the nonprofit group, Friends of Trees.

See how this unique event combined a soup cook-off with a dinner and auction raising $32,000 for SE Works Career Center …

Heather Ficht of Worksystems won the coveted “Golden Ladle Award” for her “Wisconsin Delight” soup; it was, presented to her by five-time previous winner Anne Sweet.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
An organization that helps people find jobs has found a tasty formula for fundraising here in Southeast Portland. They call it “Recipes for Success”.

The Sixth Annual SE Works Soup Cook-Off and Auction used its tried-and- true recipe of mixing a soup cooking contest, banquet, and charity auction to help financially support their One-Stop Career Center.

See why this timely event helped several folks in outer East Portland stay a bit more comfortable – while they saved money …

Anastasia Howard and Mike Masat, REACH Community Development, helped homeowners in the Lents area learn how to make their homes safer and more efficient at the workshop.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
When the November 1 “Home Maintenance and Weatherization Workshop” took place, no one who attended would have ever guessed that pelting rain and gale-force winds would soon be on blowing through the Lents neighborhood.

See how an organization named ROSE helps to stabilize and improve the livability of Southeast Portland neighborhoods by helping families move into homes they’ll own ‚Ķ

Award winners were: Community Leader: Pastor Don Sieckmann, Great Day Fellowship Church; ROSE Volunteer: Board Member Virginia Petersen; Nick Sauvie, ROSE Executive Director; Business Partner: Roger Hinshaw, Bank of America; and, Community Partner: Sgt. Larry Graham SE Precinct.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
While it may seem as if Portland city government tends to focus its housing efforts on building glamorous high-rise structures, a nonprofit organization in Southeast Portland has been rebuilding downtrodden neighborhoods like those in Lents, Brentwood-Darlington, Foster-Powell, and Mount Scott-Arleta.

Amid the blowing rain and water-filled roads, see the story of a driver who felt compelled to help a helpless motorist …

With water up to his floorboards, the unlucky driver in the blue car discovered the penalty of driving through water too deep: a dead car.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Most residents of East Portland just stayed inside when while the wind blew the rain sideways, earlier this week.

Fortunately, there were only minor reports of homes damaged by falling trees or flooding during what some called the heaviest rain in a 24-hour period in over a decade.

The Oregon Clinic’s Gateway facility officially opens its doors. See why its physicians are proud to welcome patients to their new offices ‚Ķ

At the official opening of the Oregon Clinic in Gateway, Dr. Lou Libby, MD, Co-president, Chris Roemer, nuclear medicine technologist, and cardiologist Brad Evans, MD, show us their cardiac nuclear medicine camera.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
A year ago, the ground on which The Oregon Clinic’s Gateway facility now sits was a parking lot for MAX and TriMet.

November 3, staff members, managers, financiers and medical providers at the new facility celebrated its opening for patient care.

See the fun that kids had at the
East Portland Community Center’s Halloween Carnival,
and Midland Library’s “Day of the Dead” events ‚Ķ

Enjoying the Halloween Carnival are (left side) Jaime Cole with her parents Dave and Pearl, and (right side) Kamrin Yee with her parents, Karlan and Karen.

Story and lots ‘o’ photos by David F. Ashton
Before the memory of this year’s Halloween festivities get washed away by the oncoming rush toward the Thanksgiving Day holiday, we thought you’d like to see the fun kids had at two different, but similar, celebrations.

Even though firefighters – a lot of them – reached this home near Eastport Plaza quickly, see how devastating a blaze can be. And, learn what may have kept the fire from turning the home into a heap of smoking cinders …

While the results of the fire devastated this SE Portland home, prompt action by crews from four fire stations prevented a total loss of the structure.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The cold and damp weather of the mid-evening hours, November 7th, kept most nearby neighbors inside. They didn’t see the thickening plume of black smoke coming from the garage of the home in the 4600 Block of SE 85th Avenue.

This harvest festival featured a safety theme – but see why it still proved to be good fun …

Dressed in costume for the season, Erica Ferguson and Kendra Martin make friends with McGruff, and learn how to “take a bite out of crime” at the Lents Harvest Safety Festival.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
While this event, on October 28, featured food and children’s activities, the theme of the festival was Building a Safer Community in Lents”.

Not giving up after his first attempt at reforming Portland’s Business License fee last year, see how Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams wants to perfect the business tax system ‚Ķ

Before Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams began is presentation, he listened to concerns of Southeast Portland business people.

By V.M. Wells with David F. Ashton
City Commissioner Sam Adams took his drive to lighten the business tax burdens to a meeting of small business people, including those from inner Southeast Portland, on November 2 at a Gateway-area restaurant.

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