See amazing photos … and read what happens when men and women of Portland Fire & Rescue – from all over East Portland – pulled on their gear and headed out to fight one of the largest industrial fires in years …

The Taylor Electric fire was so intense; embers flew up stories high into the air. In fact, a pallet rack shelf was projected high into the night sky by an explosion of burning material, carried up on convection current.

A firefighter climbs atop an adjoining building to make sure embers didn’t set it ablaze.

Don’t miss it! See great plays presented by the
Parkrose High School Thespians June 1-3 …

While this isn’t, exactly, a scene you’ll see Parkrose High School’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Parkrose Thespians Brian Fitzgerald, Stephanie Levine, Madison Cook and Tyree Harris put fresh energy into this classic play on June 1-3.

Story and Photo by David F. Ashton
Three! Three! Three plays in one show! Theater instructor Ms. Zena let us see a sneak preview, and you’ll want to at Parkrose High School to catch the theater department’s last performance of the year.

Read why hundreds of folks volunteer to restore Johnson Creek, and the surrounding watershed …

Welcoming members and guests to their first annual meeting is Michelle Bussard, Executive Director, Johnson Creek Watershed Council.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The tables were set, displays erected, and the staff of the Johnson Creek Watershed Council welcomed members and guests to their luncheon at the Eastmoreland Golf Course clubhouse on May 18th.

“We are having our inaugural annual meeting,” Michelle Bussard, Executive Director, Johnson Creek Watershed Council told us. “It will be featuring the ‘State of the Watershed’ report. And, this event celebrates all of our stakeholders and communities throughout the watershed’s area.”

See why the “third time’s a charm” for this event that raises money to “fill in the funding gaps” in the school district’s funding ‚Ķ

Checking into the event is Michael Taylor, Superintendent, Parkrose School District.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Looking ahead to the time when money from the Multnomah County I-Tax would dry up, the Parkrose Educational Foundation had an idea two years ago: Create an event that would generate money to support programs of the school district.

To “try out” the concept, the first two events ‚Äì an auction and dinner ‚Äì were held at Parkrose High.

See how your return-deposit bottles and cans and help the Parkrose ‘Can Clan’ help kids in outer East Portland ‚Ķ

On May 6, we found these young men were hard at work with the Parkrose Boosters. Why? As Jeffrey Simon told us, “to help raise money for our football program next year.”

Story and Photo by David F. Ashton

It’s easy to pitch or ditch your return-deposit cans. But, here’s a better idea! Save them, and take them to the Parkrose Middle School on NE Shaver (just west of NE 122nd Ave.), on the first Saturday of every month!

What kind of trash? You name it! Read and learn why the Spring 2006 Neighborhood Cleanup helped make neighborhoods more livable …

Neighborhood volunteer Pat Castle “pitches in” by helping to unload some of the rubbish collected on May 6.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

The park-and-ride lot on SE 122nd Ave. at Burnside St. looked like a yard sale gone wild on May 6, as communities making up the East Portland Neighborhood Office (EPNO) collected junked appliances and worn-out furniture, scrap metal, blown-out tires, and dumpsters full of yard debris.

See what folks in northeast Portland thought about their 10 minutes with Tom Potter …

Margaret Erickson, Marcy Emerson-Peters and Valerie Curry talk with Tom Potter at Beal St. NW.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton

While many citizens of Portland question some of Mayor Tom Potter’s plans and programs, his “10 minutes with the Mayor” program continues to be a success.

After speaking with Mayor Potter on May 6, Valery Curry of Argay told us, “The fact we were able to get the Mayor’s ear on issues important to our residents is good. We talked about the deterioration of the neighborhood and the crime that’s moved in.

You will be enlightened, when you read this jurist’s candid comments on courthouses, crooks, and business cases ‚Ķ

The Honorable Thomas M. Ryan, Multnomah County Judge, frankly shares his views to members of the Midway Business Association. Club president, Donna Dionne is in the background, listening intently.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton

Business people in southern outer East Portland are staying connected with their community when they come to meetings of the Midway Business Association.

Learn why this unique organization provides mental health care services to people who need it most – regardless of their ability to pay …

Multnomah County Commissioner Lonnie Roberts hears some of the success stories of the organization from NW Catholic Counseling Center’s director, Sr. Barbara Kennedy, and development director Trish Trout–as they celebrate 20 years of helping people.

Story and photographs by David F. Ashton

It is easy to understand why an individual who’s lost a job, faced major health challenges, or has had problems dealing with teenagers, seeks counseling. The problem is, when people are at their limit, they usually can’t afford the help of a high-priced mental health professional.

If you want one of those “secret places” that only the locals know about, check this one out at SE 122nd Ave. and Holgate St.

See why when a speeding motorcycle rider T-boned an SUV, the result was death …

An officer from Portland Police Bureau Traffic Division uses a laser/GPS measuring device to carefully document the accident that took the life of a motorcyclist who police say was racing another bike.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Warm spring days and evenings bring out fair-weather motorcycle riders. Unlike full-time riders, these occasional bikers often misjudge their skill ability.

Such was the case on May 9 when 33-year-old Scott A. Jones, authorities say, was racing his 1,200 CC Suzuki motorcycle against the rider of a Harley-Davidson on SE Division St.

Strike 1: Live without a working smoke detector. Strike 2: Leave a big pot of cooking oil on the stove – set to high temperature – and leave the room …

Now renting? We think not. The two-alarm fire, caused by a careless cook, gutted this apartment building, chasing 21 people out into the cold, spring night.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Just before 1:00 a.m. on May 7, most people in the apartment building on SE 124th Avenue, just north of Division Street, were deep asleep. Little did they know they would soon be leaving their homes – in the dead of night, with only the clothes on their backs – never to return.

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