Murder, in an icy 82nd Avenue of Roses motel parking lot

Week #189 Shooting Report | INCLUDES VIDEO | Here’s what’s been revealed about this shooting homicide, on a very cold night in outer East Portland …

Across the street from the Lents neighborhood, SE 82nd Avenue of Roses is shut down as Portland Police detectives investigate a deadly shooting outside a motel.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Gunshots on Friday evening, January 19, ended the life of a man in the south end of a parking lot at the Dar-Ron Motel on SE 82nd Avenue of Roses, a block south of Flavel Street. The shooting could be heard some distance away.

“A little before 8 p.m., I heard ‘bangs’ coming from down the street, but I didn’t know that they were gunshots at first,” a store clerk told East Portland News.

“About a minute later, a blond woman wearing pink sweats rushed into the store, was acting hysterical, and said something about someone pulling up and shooting her friend; and then, she ran out into the night and disappeared around the corner.”

The focus of the murder investigation is in the parking lot of the Dar-Ron Motel.

Officers interact with a female “person of interest” near the scene of the crime.

Portland Police Bureau (PPB) East Precinct officers were sent to that location at 8:01 p.m. Within five minutes, patrol cars, detectives’ SUVs, and the PPB’s Mobile Command Unit began arriving. Eventually 11 PPB personnel were at the location.

Watch as detectives investigate this shooting homicide:

SE 82nd Avenue of Roses, from Flavel south to Lambert Street, was closed down to vehicles and pedestrians, to facilitate the investigation. In fact, the busy highway was closed down until after midnight.

The door of room #202 is open; and there appears to be a bullet hole in the window of the motel room.

“When officers arrived, they found the male victim dead in the parking lot of a motel,” was all Portland Police officials would say about the incident, at that time.
The PPB’s Homicide Unit detectives arrived swiftly to take over the investigation; their Forensics Unit was there to document the crime scene.

The PPB Mobile Command Unit, parked on the east side of 82nd Avenue of Roses across from the motel, provides shelter for detectives and investigators from the bitter cold, and the gusting east wind.

At one point of the investigation, detectives and officers were looking inside motel room # 202. From a distance, there appeared to be a bullet hole in the motel room’s window.

PPB officials said that no arrests had been made after the on-site investigation – and they added that they weren’t releasing any suspect information at that time.

Into the night, this shooting homicide investigation continues.

On January 26, the PPB revealed that 25-year-old Rametheus Clenese Hill, Fairview was the individual killed in this shooting.

The Medical Examiner determined Hill died of homicide by gunshot wound.

Should you have any information bearing on this crime, contact Detective Brian Sims at or 503-823-2079, or reach out to Detective Meghan Burkeen at or 503-823-2092. If you do, refer to Case No. 24-13609.

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