A bounty of fresh produce, now at Zenger Farm’s ‘Stand’

It isn’t a ‘Farmers Market’ – it’s their market at the farm! Find out here when you can stop by, and get fresh-from-the-fields produce for your summer dinner table …

Back by the big barn, you’ll find the “Zenger Farm Produce Stand”, now open for the season on Friday afternoons.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
With the Parkrose, Montavilla, and Lents farmers markets in full swing – the Zenger Farm Produce Stand opened up for the season on June 28 in outer East Portland.

“I’m happy to see so many people come out for our first day of the season,” grinned Zenger Farm Assistant Farm Manager Bryan Allan.

Zenger Farm Assistant Farm Manager Bryan Allan proudly shows off some of the produce which – just hours before – was growing in the fields.

The Farm Stand is important to the mission of Zenger Farm, Allan told East Portland News, “Because Zenger Farm is all about growing food locally, and providing it to the local residents. You can’t get much more ‘local’ than bringing it out of the fields, to the stand!”

It’s part of “Farm Friday” Allan commented – a typically busy day, as folks come to volunteer, while others pick up their Farm Share produce, and as yet others retrieve their kids from summer camp. “Remember, we hold tours on Friday afternoons – many people come out to take a guided walk around the farm.”

Smiling while shopping at the Zenger Farm Friday Produce Stand are Annie Dynes and Jennifer Dynes, from the Lents neighborhood. Jennifer is also seen on our Front Page.

This “farm market” doesn’t compete with all the other local farmers markets, reflected Allan. “In fact, the Lents International Farmers Market is a project of Zenger Farm.

“And there is something special about being able to take a tour of the farm, and see your plants in the ground – and being able to buy them right there at the stand,” Allan pointed out. “When people see where their food comes from, and it helps them get in touch with their food sources.”

These visitors are taking part in a “Farm Friday” tour of the Zenger Farm fields.

All of the proceeds from the farm stand help support the many Zenger Farm programs; Zenger Farm is a nonprofit educational urban farm, located in outer Southeast Portland.

Zenger Farm Stand

  • Back near the Barn
  • Fridays – 3 p.m. until 6 p.m.
  • Veggies, herbs, fruits, and sometimes eggs
  • The Farm Stand accepts EBT (SNAP benefits), and cash
  • It’s at 11741 SE Foster Road
  • See more at their webpage: CLICK HERE


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