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Among these listings, you’ll find ways to get involved with your community, help the environment, participate in your government, learn valuable information – and have a lot of fun. Most activities are free!

Find out why these two rank-and-file members of their respective bureaus were selected to win the prestigious “Russ Lemmon” Award …

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Come on by and check out the freshest foods at the season! – Here’s why …

Market Master Steve Voorhees welcomes everyone to the Parkrose Farmer’s Market. This is one of our favorite photos of him from last season!

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The Parkrose Farmer’s Market is coming back, and ready to for another great season, says Market Master Steve Voorhees – as he and the vendors gear up for another season in the Parkrose High School south parking lot, starting Saturday, May 2nd.

See how you can pick up a $1,000 in cash for helping cops find the guy who is suspected of robbing the Ace Tavern last summer in Parkrose …

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Find out what steps the school board is considering to balance next year’s budget – and discover why Parkrose isn’t in as bad financial shape as some districts …

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Find out why this MAD Magazine writer brings his show, “The Joy of Censorship”, to outer East Portland – and, learn whether there was anything wasn’t allowed to say during this presentation …

Joe Raiola tells how his show, The Joy of Censorship came into existence.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The title of his talk looked intriguing, so we squeezed a side trip into a busy news-covering evening in order to speak with MAD Magazine’s senior editor, Joe Raiola, at Midland Library on April 7.

If you didn’t go – take a look, here, and see what you missed …

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See exclusive photos of the SERT callout that shut down a large portion of Lents and Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhoods, and learn about the progress of the investigation …

We find every street blocked off, as SERT and district officers comb the blocks looking for suspects who officials say shot a Vancouver cop in the chest.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Not often does a crime that takes place in Vancouver, Washington, affect the lives of outer East Portland citizens.

Come on out and see bands, Portland Rose Festival Princesses, classic cars and much more during the 9 AM parade – and enjoy the Eastport Plaza Carnival that follows …

Here’s how last year’s parade looked as it began and headed north on 82nd Avenue of Roses. Organizers say this year’s parade will be even bigger, better, and more exciting.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
After working all year long, the committee behind the 2009 82nd Avenue of Roses Grand Parade says they’re ready to have a great time during this year’s edition – scheduled for Saturday, April 25, at 9:00 a.m.

Why police won’t ticket him …

When Marvin Price fired up his hand-built racer for us, the deep-throated rumble of the powerful engine could be heard for blocks. David F. Ashton photo

By David F. Ashton

The low growl the racecar’s powerful engine attracted the attention of everyone around. Was the car’s driver about take a reckless spin around Inner Southeast Portland?

No, it was just Marvin Price, and his partner Tom Hanna, tuning up their pride and joy ‚  a bright red, 1974 “sprint car” racer.

When gubernatorial candidate Ron Saxton toured outer East Portland this week, see what other specific comments he made about our area ‚ and why his audience seemed to like what they heard ‚

Candidate for Governor Ron Saxton, being introduced to East Portland businesspeople by Ken Turner, the East Portland Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs chair, and manager of Eastport Plaza.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Amidst criss-crossing the state, gubernatorial candidate Ron Saxton asked to meet with members of the East Portland Chamber of Commerce and neighbors during a stop in outer East Portland on October 31. “I came to listen to your concerns,” he said.

While weather forecasters hem-and-haw, the ‘surprise’ snow storm closes schools and businesses, but not most East Portland streets …¶

Mom, Gail, and big brother Neal help little sister Jill Budde experience her first big snowstorm by trekking through their white-blanketed neighborhood in SE Portland.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Last week’s promise of a big winter storm fizzled out. But this week’s winter weather came as a surprise to many ‚including city and county road officials.

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