Your neighborhood association meeting: Invest two hours; learn a lot

Neighbors who attend their association’s meetings learn what’s going on; how to solve problems on their block.

Jack Vahey, acting chair, Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Association looks at the map with other neighbors as TriMet’s David Unsworth, Project Development Manager gives residents an update on the I-205 MAX line. He talked about the stations located in outer SE Portland and public art on display. David F. Ashton photo

By David F. Ashton

Some people complain about problems on their block, their area, neighborhood or the city in general. While all their whining might make them feel better, it certainly won’t solve any of their problems. Maybe they just like to gripe, eh?

Other folks take just 90 minutes, every now and then, to attend their neighborhood association’s meeting. They learn how to reduce crime, keep from being a victim of criminals, deal with trash in a neighbor’s yard, deal with a noisy tavern – and the list keeps going.

Another great whine is, “No one told me about the apartment project being built along my back yard …” Had they been involved in their neighborhood, they would have found out long before the three-story wall started to rise, blocking their view.

At the Centennial Neighborhood Association meeting in April, Crime Prevention Specialist Teri Poppino shares a wealth of neighborhood resources available to anyone who calls the “right” phone number – all of them found on an informative sheet she passed around. David F. Ashton photo

How? When? Where?

It costs nothing to attend these meetings. Some are held monthly; others bimonthly; others less frequently.

We make it a point to list your neighborhood’s meeting in our Calendar, because it is important. You’ll also find listings in printed newspapers like Mid County Memo and East County News.

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