With thousands in attendance, David Douglas High School’s 2024 Portland Rose Festival Princess is introduced 

INCLUDES PRINCESS INTRODUCTION VIDEO | 14 EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS | Meet Princess Maribel Franco Morgado; This year’s representative of the Scots to the Rose Festival, and for her outer East Portland school to the City of Portland this season …

All students and staff at David Douglas High School gather in their large gymnasium for the all-school Spring Assembly.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

As has been its tradition, David Douglas High School (DDHS) revealed who would be representing the Scots as their 2024 Portland Rose Festival Princess – and doing it in a very big way, on Tuesday, March 19.

“This year once again, I think we have a very strong, and diverse, Court of candidates,” remarked DDHS Principal Greg Carradine as the school gymnasium filled. “What makes them all outstanding is that, although some of them have come to David Douglas High School from other schools, they’ve all learned what it means to be a Scot!

“Being a Scot is about giving back to the community,” Carradine explained to East Portland News. “These students have been of service to the school, and also to the greater community.”

See exclusive video highlights of the DDHS Spring Assembly activities, and watch as the DDHS Portland Rose Festival Princess is announced:

The 9:15 a.m. all-school assembly started off with the large gymnasium packed full of 2,400 students, faculty, and staff members, rising for the singing of our National Anthem while looking toward our flag.

Getting the program off to a rousing start were fun and games — as with this “Bash the Boxes with Hammers” contest, a “grudge match” between DDHS math teacher Eugene Lee and Joe Cornett, DDHS social studies teacher, and track and field coach.

The assembly’s hosts read a long list of accomplishments by this year’s DDHS sports teams, to the applause of the audience. Next came the announcement of the school’s Senior Prom, and its theme, “Masquerade”.

Scot’s Angels Club Advisor, and also DDHS Athletic Director, Brad Joy tells how this unique community service fundraising campaign progressed.

A highlight of this assembly every year is revealing the financial results of the Scot’s Angels club. All of the David Douglas School District schools – from elementary, to high school – participate in this club’s annual fund drive. “Ron Russell Middle School and Floyd Light Middle School raised $2,655 to go to the Scot’s Angels family,” announced Scot’s Angels Club Advisor Brad Joy.

Scot’s Angels Club Advisor Brad Joy presents a $20.000 “ceremonial check” to the parents of this year’s Scot’s Angel, Thalia.

“I’m happy to tell you that as of today we have hit a goal of $200,000 in 17 years of Scot’s Angels,” Joy told the crowd. “The only thing that makes it possible are the people sitting in this room. So, today we celebrate; we celebrate your accomplishments. As is our motto: ‘Of all the things that you can be – be kind!’ You don’t have to search to find opportunities for kindness.”

DDHS Portland Rose Festival Court introduced
Then, one at a time, the four selectees for the DDHS Portland Rose Festival Court were introduced, as they were escorted from the back of the gym.

Walking the royal red carpet were Princess candidates Linna Truong, Andrea Nguyen, Maribel Franco Morgado, and Amelia McGahey. Each of these ladies gracefully ascended the steps onto the stage and were seated.

Seated on stage are DDHS Rose Festival Court members Linna Truong, Andrea Nguyen, Maribel Franco Morgado, and Amelia McGahey.

Greeting the massive audience is Portland Rose Festival Director, The Amy Johnson.

“28 years ago, I was the David Douglas High School Portland Rose Festival Princess – and now, I am a Portland Rose Festival Director,” The Amy Johnson said in her remarks, as she began the formal program. “Each year, of all events during the Portland Rose Festival, my favorite one – hands down – is to come back here to my school, David Douglas!” She drew thunderous applause.

“The theme of the 2024 Portland Rose Festival is ‘Dream Forward’ – and, in just a few minutes – one of these amazing young women will become this year’s Rose Festival Princess for David Douglas High School!”

Johnson then introduced the DDHS Princess’s escort, Royal Rosarian Lord Chief Justice Sir Knight Patrick D. Wong, PhD.

Unitus Community Credit Union Mentor Michelle Hollenbeck presents mementos to members of the DDHS Court.

Nikki Hernandez took the stage to tell about her experiences as 2023 Portland Rose Festival David Douglas High School Princess.

With that, 2023 Portland Rose Festival David Douglas High School Princess Nikki Hernandez was invited up to the stage, and took the microphone to greet the assembly. [CLICK HERE to see the article about her announcement last year; it does include a video.]

Showing camaraderie among themselves, members of the 2024 DDHS Court hold hands in anticipation of learning which one of them was selected.

DDHS senior Maribel Franco Morgado learns she is the 2024 Portland Rose Festival David Douglas High School Princess.

After retiring Princess Nikki Hernandez places the tiara on her head, she presents Princess Maribel with a bouquet of roses.

Meet DDHS Princess Maribel Franco Morgado

Surrounded by her Court, Andrea Nguyen, Linna Truong, and Amelia McGahe, Princess Maribel Franco Morgado poses for official photo, taken by the official Portland Rose Festival photographer.

After the presentation program, Princesses Maribel spoke with East Portland News after she posed for the official photos.

With her grace and poise, some would be surprised that she’s been a member of the DDHS Women’s Wrestling Team, as Princess Maribel told us she was. “And, I’m really proud of how I’ve been able to help others – such as by being a Link Crew Freshman Mentor; and being involved with both the Latino Student Union and Latino Network.”

Princesses Maribel poses for an official photo with DDHS Princess’s Escort, Royal Rosarian Lord Chief Justice Sir Knight Patrick D. Wong, PhD.

Schooled in outer East Portland
“Having attended Lincoln Park Avenue Elementary School – just a couple of blocks away from the high school – and Ron Russell Middle School: Yes indeed, I am proud to say that I’ve been truly raised and educated here in David Douglas schools,” Princess Maribel beamed.

Asked what, as Princess, she’ll tell others about her school and neighborhoods, Maribel replied, “While we’re a very large school; we’re still a very connected community. What makes David Douglas special is how we come together through academics, sports, clubs, and activities.

“As we say, at the end of the day, once a ‘Scot, always a Scot – and I’ll be taking with me as Princess so many wonderful memories about making friends in our community.”

Congratulations to the 2024 Portland Rose Festival David Douglas High School Princess, Maribel Franco Morgado.

After she graduates from David Douglas High School this year, Princess Maribel plans to study medicine, and become a traveling nurse. Her career goals will be supported by a $3,500 scholarship presented by The Randall Group.

Learn more about the 2024 Portland Rose Festival, and all that it has to offer, by visiting their official website: CLICK HERE.

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