Why you should vote in the upcoming election

The “dirty little secret” politicians hope you won’t learn ‚Äì and how you can become a better informed voter at these two Candidate Forums

By David F. Ashton

Do you know why some neighborhoods and business districts seem to get all the “goodies” while others suffer with so little?

One reason is that some areas vote; others don’t. It’s just that simple.

The city is divided up into “precincts”. Elected officials and bureau staff members can easily check to see in which precincts citizens register ‚Äì and actually vote. Word is, they don’t much care whom voters elect nor for what they vote in or out.

Think your vote doesn’t count?

In outer East Portland, there are huge pockets of non-voters. Did you know that if everyone (who was qualified) to vote here did so – we could elect anyone to office, or pass or defeat any measure?

Please – register now. Vote in the May Primary Election.

Meet the candidates

The East Portland Neighborhoods, Central Northeast Neighbors, Avenue of Roses Business Association and East Portland Chamber of Commerce sponsored two Candidate Fairs in early May for East Portland residents and business people. Those who came got to meet and hear from candidates for City of Portland, Multnomah County and Metro positions.

These Candidate Fairs were scheduled the week voters’ ballots were mailed.

Thanks to Bonny McKnight and Aaron Minoo for coordinating these events.

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