‘Untraceable’ movie shoot tracked to Eastmoreland

They’ve been shooting this movie, starring Diane Lane, all over town. See what we saw “on location” in Eastmoreland‚

Many moviemakers try their best to keep citizens far away from their site. But, the producers of the forthcoming major film “Untraceable” welcomed neighbors to watch them shoot their movie.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Eastmoreland was turned into a Hollywood back-lot for three days during Spring Break, as the crew of the motion picture Untraceable moved into the neighborhood.

Spring Break traffic was slightly disrupted along SE 39th Avenue, because the street was lined with motion picture craft services trucks.

Although they were shooting in and around only one house, located on SE Carlton Street midway between SE 39th and SE 36th Avenues, trucks loaded with movie-making gear lined Eastmoreland area streets.

The production company hired “crossing guards” to direct traffic, keeping vehicles moving smoothly along SE 39th Avenue, while at the same time protecting crewmembers carrying equipment or rolling carts laden with gear.

Because they were shooting the movie in a home just west of SE 39th Avenue, the portable dressing rooms and food services were set up in the Holy Family Church parking lot.

Caravan moves in before dawn
A homeowner at the corner of SE 39th Ave. and Henderson St. stood in his yard, looking at the tents and trailers across the street in the Holy Family Church parking lot.

“They came in this morning about 5 a.m.; I was getting ready to go fishing when they showed up,” he told us on March 26, the first production day in Eastmoreland.

At the home in which they were shooting, tons of movie magic making gear gave the director the exact “look” he was seeking.

Production company makes friends
While many movie producers try their best to shoo “locals” away from their production areas, the Lakeshore Entertainment production team showed up demonstrating a remarkably affable attitude.

For example, a few days before the production moved into Eastmoreland, neighbors told us a public relations person went door-to-door, telling them that the crew was about to come to their neighborhood. “She gave me her card and cell phone number,” said a resident, “and said to call if there were any problems.”

And, instead of being chased away from the home being used as a set, neighbors were invited to watch.

A production assistant, who stood in the street in front of the house, answered questions. In addition to shooting on the Broadway Bridge, he said, the crew has also shot in Irvington. “The rain does get to you. You get wet. But it wasn’t as bad as the film I was working on in Chicago‚ man, that was cold.”

When the cameras are rolling inside, workers outside disappear for a few minutes.

All quiet‚ Action!
From inside the house, we heard some shout, “All quiet”‚ a call echoed by crewmembers around the property. Crew stopped their activities. The neighborhood fell silent.

Then, we could faintly hear director Gregory Hoblit call “Action”‚ and we watched the actors perform their scene. Finally the call “Cut” rang out, and workers started preparing the next shot.

About Untraceable
Here’s the story line: In a story set in the future, an FBI cybercop must race against time to track down a ruthless online predator.

The cast includes Diane Lane as Jennifer, Dan Callahan as Trey Restom and also features Colin Hanks, Billy Burke, Joseph Cross and Mary Beth Hurt.

This thriller, also known as “Urgency“, is a Lakeshore Entertainment production to be released by Screen Gems Production Co. The release date has not yet been set.

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