Stocker praised for pushing the ‘Parkrose porn’ question

Noted restaurateur tells of her awareness mission at Parkrose Business Association

By David F. Ashton – April 2, 2006

She couldn’t help but noticing the young boys outside the porn shop on NE Sandy Blvd., said Eileen Stocker. “They were trying to see what was inside, behind the painted out windows.”

Seeing these kids, Stocker told us, fostered a question that kept running through her mind: “Should our kids be growing up in this kind of environment – believing that adult oriented stores and sex shops on every corner – is normal?”

Leah Sauer recipient Eileen Stocker shows her award to members of the Parkrose Business Association. David F. Ashton photo

Concerned about “Pornrose, OR”

It’s true. Drive through the Parkrose area – or any other main street in outer East Portland and you’ll see “lingerie modeling” parlors, adult merchandise stores and strip clubs on nearly every block. Some wags call the area “Pornrose”.

“I’ve been involved in lobbying City Hall to limit the number of these kinds of businesses that can be set up in a given neighborhood,” Stocker continued. “I’m not trying to eliminate them. We just think it is a good idea to limit their number. When goes out of business, new businesses can’t open.”

By resolution of the City Council, Stocker added, “they can limit the number of businesses in a given area, but they don’t want to. I don’t think they’re protecting citizens of Portland. Wouldn’t it be worth it to do a small [research] study [to measure the impact of adult businesses on neighborhoods]?”

Please, no shell game

“The people in Parkrose are so wonderful – both neighbors and regular business people. I love this area and want to protect it.

‚ÄúBut we don‚Äôt want to just shove [the sex trade] into another neighborhood. We don‚Äôt want another area to go through what Sandy Blvd has endured.”

Stoll, the Western ally

One of the people whose help Stocker enlisted was that of Hollywood booster, Helen Stoll. “Helen’s been trying to stop prostitution along Sandy Blvd. for many years. We’re looking for support through churches and local organizations. More people need to voice their concern,” Stocker said.

Stoll told Stocker about the Oregon Association of American Mothers*. “I spoke to them and asked for their help. They understood our situation and have helped.”

Apparently, the organization thought so highly of Stocker’s efforts, they gave her their Leah Sauer Award – an award named after the organization’s first “Mother of the Year”.

Take action

“The best thing you can do is write the mayor if you think the sex businesses should be limited in Portland. Don’t you think it makes sense for the city to, at least, look at the situation,” Stocker concluded.

* According to their web site, the Oregon Association of American Mothers is an organization of women and men, married and single, parents and grandparents, dedicated to preserving the moral and spiritual foundations of the family in America. At a time when the return of family values has become a national priority, American Mothers, Inc. responds educational, cultural, and spiritual programs for mothers of all ages.

2006, David F. Ashton ~ East PDX News

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