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SE Portland’s Patrick Horsley says he hasn’t been to an art fair in 25 years, but is happy to be at twelfth annual Art In The Pearl, the Pearl District’s annual Labor Day weekend arts festival.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Although SE Portland potter Patrick Horsley hasn’t exhibited his works at a public show for 25 years, he put some of them on display at the twelfth annual “Art in the Pearl”, the Pearl District’s annual Labor Day weekend arts festival.

Horsley explained he’s usually too busy working as a professional artist who creates bowls, envelopes, slips – and teapots – that are sold in galleries, and used by commercial interior decorators.

“It’s a great job,” said Horsley. “I’ve been doing this for about 40 years and I love doing it. It’s a great job.”

The brilliant hues of blue don’t come from cobalt, as many visitors were guessing – the bluish color comes after a copper glaze has been fired.

The vivid colors of his works, and the unique shapes, stopped visitors in their tracks as Horsley talked about his art. “My work is strongly influenced by architecture, both primitive and contemporary. I base the work on the idea of the container vessel, and at times utilitarian forms – such as tea pots and lidded jars.”

So well known is he for his teapots, he often departs his studio – located next to his SE Portland residence – to offer seminars on the topic elsewhere. In late September, for example, he’ll be teaching a two-day, hands-on class in Las Vegas called “Tea Bowls & Teapots”.

If you’re interested in learning more about this artist and his work, see his web site:

Puttering around Art in the Pearl …

This budding potter is Annika Baglien.

Thousands viewed the work of 100 artists during the three-day art fest.

This family said they were happy to find art on which they could sit and rest.

No one went hungry! Lots of great food was available at the event.

Not all of the art demonstrations were dainty. These blacksmiths attracted a crowd as they hammered iron into both utilitarian and artistic objects.

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