Neighbors on Mayor’s street try to slow speeders

The 25 mph speed limit doesn’t slow drivers in a hurry; neighbors hope speed bumps will do the trick ‚Ķ

Traffic really flies along S.E. 41st Avenue, even when volunteers are out there urging drivers to slow down.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
When Joe Macca called saying there was a problem with speeders along his street, he wasn’t kidding.

So, Macca and his neighbors held a “Safety Dance” event to gain attention to the problem. When we visited them, they weren’t dressed as “Men Without Hats” devotees, but were clad in yellow as they held up signs that read “SLOW” and “25 MPH“.

Their efforts made little difference on this day. Vehicles whizzed past us at astonishing speeds, estimated as fast as 40 mph.

Suzann Taylor, Joe Macca, and (behind the sign) Ryan Paulsen do the “Safety Dance“, trying to get traffic to slow down ‚Äì and to raise funds for speed bumps.

“Along S.E. 41st Avenue, between S.E. Steele and Holgate,” Macca told us, “drivers go dangerously fast. They really pick up speed coming north, and when they hit the curves for Holgate, they’re all over the road.”

Neighbor Suzann Taylor added, “I’ve been here for 18 years. It has been getting worse every year. I see near-accidents along our street every day.”

Speed bumps require neighbor’s votes
“The city has already designed a speed bump program for us,” Macca explained. “It is a five-bump program. One of them is in front of the Mayor’s house.”

But, getting the speed bumps installed is a matter of getting their neighbors to sign on to the program. “We need a super-majority, 60% of the residents on the street signing onto the project, to get speed bumps. After that, it becomes a donation issue.”

At $2,000 per speed-bump, the project will cost $10,000. 60% of the cost, he said, is paid by the city. “This means we need to raise $4,000. But, if we save one life, won’t it be worth it?”

If you’re tired of people using S.E. 41st Ave. as a bypass for S.E. 39th Avenue, Macca asks you support thus grass-roots speed-bump initiative.

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