Montavilla neighbors throw lively 100th Anniversary Celebration

See why even Portland’s Mayor Tom Potter took time to be part of “A block party to end all block parties” ‚Ķ

The unofficial “Mayor of Montavilla”, Errol Carlson, is credited for being the spark plug who has turned up the excitement for this neighborhood event.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
This year marks the 100th year Montavilla has been incorporated as a part of Portland. As many as a thousand folks turned out for one of the largest ‚Äì and most lively ‚Äì block parties we’ve ever seen.

From a canine judging contest and race (the Pooch-a-Palooza), to hot dogs and ice cream treats, to live entertainment on the street — this July 15 event had a little something for everyone.

Neighbors said the energy to put this event together and run it comes from corner grocery shop keeper Errol Carlson. When we asked participants why they got involved, they ‚Äì to a one ‚Äì answered, “Errol signed me up!”

The main feature of the event, centered at SE 80th and SE Taylor Court, was the Montavilla Parade. At many parades, the entrants just cruise on by. But at this event Carlson stood in the street, and spent a moment or two with every one of the parade’s entrants. Everyone got to know the participant and discover why they were in the parade.

Enjoy our photo album of the event!

Look at all the neighbors, having a great time at the Montavilla Block Party!

Keeping cool on a warm day ‚Äì while helping provide some fun for neighbors ‚Äì is Elaine Hilbert in the Dunk Tank. Why is she doing this? “Errol signed me up!” Hibert said, as she went splashing into the tank ‚Ķ again.

As the parade gets underway, everyone looks for a good vantage point.

Riding in the parade is Portland Mayor Potter, along with honored Montavilla citizen Betty Dodge.

Two newly-crowned beauty queens added their glamour to the parade.

This horse, dressed up for the classy Montavilla Street Party, was wearing his fancy duds.

80th St Review doing “All That Jazz”

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