Lents neighbors view MAX art, award kids who thwarted thieves

See the “public art” they’re cooking up for the Lents I-205 MAX station‚ and learn why two kids were honored at this neighborhood meeting‚

Michelle Traver, public art coordinator with TriMet, and artist Kim Hablin answer questions regarding a collage‚ illustrating the art project being developed for the Lents I-205 MAX station‚ posed by the Lents Neighborhood Association board members at their general, monthly meeting.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Part of the I-205 MAX project includes public art at the light rail stations.

The board and members of the Lents Neighborhood Association got a sneak preview at a collage being created by artist Kim Hablin for the Lents MAX station.

“This art will be mounted at the Ramona Street cul-de-sac, at the back entrance to the Lents MAX Platform,” Hablin said.

Artist Hablin tells why she selected the images in the collage, and listens to feedback from neighborhood association members.

Hamblin said she started by doing research on the Lents area, and seeking out images from the Oregon Historical Society and other places. “There is so much to learn. I like this area a lot. The people here are really looking forward to something good. Hopefully, the art I create will play a part in their goal of strengthening their community.”

The project is in the “final design” stages, said Hamblin. It will go into production in late April.

Kids honored for thwarting car theft
Instead of looking the other way, three young Lents residents, Cameron Bell Dylan Lewis and Kyle Logan helped police track down car theft suspects and recover a vehicle.

Here’s the story: on March 11, Lents Neighborhood Association board members were holding a retreat at Clint Lenard’s house.

“We took a break and went to the corner market for a soda,” association chair, Dewey Akers, told us. “Another of our board members saw a car‚ belonging to his associate‚ that was previously stolen parked outside the store. “We tried to keep the suspected thief in the store while we called 9-1-1, but the he bolted,” Akers continued. The board members enlisted the aid of the three young men to help police track and apprehend the criminal.

Portland Police Bureau Commander Michael Crebs tells about the special golden coins about to be awarded.

So impressed was Portland Police Bureau Commander Michael Crebs, he came to the neighborhood association meeting to honor the two young men.

Commander presents commemorative coins
“I’m here tonight,” Crebs began, “because when I see young people doing the right thing, I feel good inside. It is difficult doing ‘the right thing’ sometimes. You get peer pressure not to help the police. You guys did the right thing. You helped make the community a better place to live.

Rosanne Lee, Crime Prevention Program Coordinator for Lents, awards certificates to the young men.

Holding up a golden coin, Crebs continued, “These are very special coins. It is the Portland Police Bureau coin. It was created and minted to be given to police officers and citizens who do exemplary work. I’m giving each of you a coin. Your parents can be proud of you for doing the right thing.”

Cameron Bell and Dylan Lewis show off their coins and certificates as they pause for this photo with Commander Crebs.

Then, crime prevention expert, Rosanne Lee, presented the lads with certificates, inscribed: “The Office of Neighborhood Involvement Crime Prevention Program recognizes you for assistance to members of the Lents Neighborhood Association on March 11, 2007, in apprehending car thieves. You demonstrated that participating in community policing is for people of all ages.”

Kyle Logan gets his Portland Police Bureau coin from Commander Crebs.

The youngsters seemed pleased as they accepted the coins and certificates. But, their eyes really lit up when they were also awarded tickets to the Century Theaters at Eastport Plaza by the association’s board members.

Learn more about the Lents Neighborhood Association at www.ilovelents.com

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