Lents church hosts community celebration

See how a church teamed up with community organizations to put on a fun fair for their neighbors …

The Flood family – Paul, Julie, Kelly, Katie and Timothy – say they came to the Pilgrim Community Festival in Lents because they only live a block away. They were busy making crafts.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
People looked like they were enjoying one of our nice June Saturdays at the Pilgrim Lutheran Church Third-annual Summer Festival.

“This year, we’re calling a Community Festival,” explains the church’s pastor, Jeanamarie Fiumefreddo. “We’ve added two sponsors: Rose Community Development and Active Living by Design, to help put on this festival.

This fair has both fun and free food! This is Jessica Fiumefreddo, serving guests lunch.

Fiumefreddo said this festival is important, “Because it helps neighbors get to know one another and build relationships. We build ‘community’ one relationship at a time. And, when we get to each other, we can better take ownership in our community whether we are renters or owners.”

Look for their Healthy Living in Lents festival planned for this Fall.

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