3,000 brightly colored eggs magically appear in Maywood Park

Find out how, within minutes, all of the eggs disappeared, one by one, at this city’s delightful home-spun event.

Placing some of the 3,000 Easter eggs prepared for the City of Maywood Park Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on the “Big Kids’ Hill” at the April 15 event is volunteer Jason Troutman. David F. Ashton Photo

While nine-month-old Garrett Bertholf, isn’t quite old enough to gather Easter egg prizes, a visit with the Maywood Park Easter Bunny seems to be OK. David F. Ashton Photo

By David F. Ashton

Some people jokingly refer to the small City of Maywood Park, nestled between I-205 and NE 102nd Ave., as “Mayberry, USA”. The independent residents voted years ago to not become annexed by Portland ‚Äì specifically so that the area could retain its identity.

One of the two big annual events sponsored by Maywood Park is the Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

The EGGcitement begins as the kids rush to find goodies. David F. Ashton Photo

Gathering eggs, as fast as her little hands can pick them up, is Sage Lucas. David F. Ashton Photo

This time-honored tradition does more than give kids candy, said Patty Meighen, chair of the event. “This is a great way for our community to come together. Maywood is a unique community, in that we’re a city of our own. Our other big event which we hold each year is our July 4 parade and barbecue.”

She, and 30 of her neighbors stuffed about 3,000 plastic eggs with candy, small toys, and gold coins.

Camille Vushard is showing off her prized Easter eggs to her Grandma, Jan Rishel. David F. Ashton Photo

The pouring morning rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of parents and kids on April 15, as the kids scoured a neighbor’s yard and the city’s park hillside. Within minutes, the eggs were whisked away and opened. “We recycle our plastic eggs, and we’ll store them for next year,” explained Meighen.

By finding plastic Easter eggs containing a Lucky Gold Coin, kids got to pick gift certificates for restaurants or other prizes. The winners were Lily Mitchell, Olivia Erickson, and Noella McQueen. David F. Ashton Phot

We asked Mayor Mark Hardy for a comment; he just smiled and told us to look at the excitement on the faces of the kids. “We do have a real sense of community in our city,” he said.

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