‘Zombie Apocalypse’ show is spooky entertainment at Milepost 5 Theater

You’re safe in the audience; but see why the director of “The Last Days” says even he is a little creeped out by this play, presented just in time for Halloween …

Larina (played by Cassandra Boice) returns to her quarters with scavenged groceries, including many cans of green beans.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
A play called The Last Days – which its director describes as “definitely good Halloween fare” – opened on the evening of October 3, at the Milepost 5 Theater in Montavilla.

“This play, by Carlos Cisco, was something that was proposed to me,” recalled its director, Rusty Tennant – the Artistic Director of Fuse Theatre, who also provided scenic and lighting design for the show.

“When I read it, and I liked it,” Tennant told East Portland News just before the last dress rehearsal. “I thought it was unique, fresh, current, and interesting. It’s all the things I look for in the piece of theater.”

It’s a tense moment as Valentine (played by Ernie Iijoi) meets up with Miguel (Chip Sherman), Larina (Cassandra Boice), and Shep (Orion Bradshaw).

Playwright Carlos Cisco describes his storyline:

Set amidst a zombie apocalypse, The Last Days is about four people trying to survive till the next day.

When one of their own comes home with an infectious bite, he refuses to tell anyone. As his health deteriorates their social structure collapses around them.

When he passes, his zombie becomes an avatar for the remaining survivors to project their guilt and fears on as they descend into the darkest reaches of their own minds.

“I was scared when I read it,” admitted Tennant. “I am terrified about these sorts of things – post-apocalyptic themes with zombies – it just terrifies me. I can’t even sit through a movie like this.”

Larina and Shep clearly have a disagreement about how to handle the unfolding situation in which they find themselves.

The cast of four features four local actors – Orion Bradshaw, Chip Sherman, Cassandra Boice, and Ernie Iijoi – who bring to life (or death) this chilling story, sure to keep audience members on the edge of their seats.

The thrills start at 7:30 p.m. each evening, on Thursdays through Sundays through October 26 (except on October 19). The Last Days runs approximately two hours, with one 15-minute intermission.

Note: Due to some very adult themes, in our opinion, this show is definitely
not suitable for children.

Finally coming to terms are Miguel and Valentine.

Tickets: $15/adults Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances. Sunday is “Pay-what-you-can” night! Tickets are available online: CLICK HERE. Or, call Managing Director Corinne Gayle Lowenthal at (971) 223-9032 or e-mail corinnelowenthal@gmail.com.

All performances are at Milepost 5 Theatre located at 850 NE 81st Avenue #122, 97213.

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