Young summer readers win new bicycles from Parkrose-area Masons

While all students from three Parkrose schools were eligible for the Masons’ Summer Reading Program, find out how many how many did – and what they won …

Dale Imbleau, Worshipful Master of Eastgate Lodge #155, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons and Christos Efthimiadis, Worshipful Master of Parkrose Masonic Lodge, begins the Summer Reading Awards program.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Eastgate and Parkrose Masonic Lodges celebrated youngsters who had participated in their Summer Reading program on September 25.

“This year, we expanded the program to include three Parkrose elementary schools: Prescott, Shaver, and Sacramento,” explained Dale Imbleau, Worshipful Master, Eastgate Lodge #155 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.

Students who qualified for the drawing from Prescott Elementary School await their certificates – and to learn if one of their names was drawn to win one of the new bicycles.

Over the summer, Imbleau, said, young students were required to read 15 books – at their grade level – to qualify for a drawing for a free bicycle. “About 50 students took us up on our offer, and qualified for the drawing,” he told us, “and we have a dozen bicycles to give away tonight.”

Asked why the Masons host a reading program, Imbleau told us, “One of the tenets of Free Masonry is that we have is free thought. By encouraging children to read, we encourage them to become better-educated, and more active in their communities. In short, we equip them to be better citizens.”

Prescott Elementary School student Jack Ramirez draws names out the hat held by Christos Efthimiadis – Worshipful Master of Parkrose Masonic Lodge.

Short program features drawing
Christos Efthimiadis, Worshipful Master of Parkrose Masonic Lodge ,welcomed teachers, parents, and a room full of expectant students to their meeting. “This is our second year at Sacramento School, and we are glad that we can include Prescott and Shaver this year as well,” Efthimiadis announced.

“It is very exciting for us to reward the children. It is our honor to be able to reach out and encourage young readers, and bring them here for the special evening. It’s good that you’ve read books. It’s very important that you continue to do that.”

In addition to the brand-new bicycle, the winners also were given a bicycle safely helmet. Efthimiadis advised them, “Be sure to wear it and stay safe.”

Each child who qualified for the drawing received a Certificate of Participation. With that, the drawing began.

Parkrose Lodge’s Past Master James Akers presents lucky summer reader Mckenna Galyon with her brand-new bicycle.

Summer Reading Program Honor Roll

Prescott Elementary School

  • Sonja Keller Young
  • Caleb Martindale
  • Lamberto Lavadores Villacis
  • Steve Mendoza Ruiz
  • Luis Soto
  • Jason Gutierrez
  • Christian Ponce Zuniga
  • Daniel Senina
  • Ivan Senina
  • Bill Truong
  • Jamari Gilbert
  • Henry Mendoza
  • Alan Lavadores Villacis
  • Marlene Hernandez
  • Karina Patel
  • Tabitha Klein
  • Nicolay Senina
  • Kinsey Martindale
  • Maria Than
  • Michaela Bersine
  • Alina Ursatiy
  • Chelsea Lopez Cabrera
  • Cherry Mendoza Ruiz
  • Kaitlyn Cha
  • Elizabeth Escobar
  • Tamika Perret
  • Shelbie Dunn
  • Kelly Cha
  • Candy Mendoza Ruiz

Sacramento Elementary School

  • Jonathan Almasan
  • Kayley Le
  • Gabe Sieber
  • Margot Amdal
  • Yudie Lewis
  • Benjamin Almasan
  • Dmitriy Rogozhnikov
  • Leia Braich
  • Moses Ramirez-Torres
  • Rikka Gustey
  • Cassidy Calyon
  • Alexus Torres
  • Tyler Minden
  • Buno Vongsay

Shaver Elementary School

  • Rene Cervantes
  • Maryangela Cervantes
  • Erick Olvera Duran
  • Belen Liliana
  • Zemar Smith
  • Minh Le
  • Nguyen Le
  • Ediberto Marvin

“Next year, we hope to encourage even more students to read over the summer months,” Imbleau said. “And, give away more bicycles.”

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