With support from new congregation, the Parkrose Church Food Pantry continues

Meet members of an outer East Portland faith community which now worships in this church, and continues the pantry begun by their predecessors …

The Parkrose Food Pantry continues operating, now under the auspices of the St. Matthew’s Anglican Church congregation.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

For years, East Portland News promoted the efforts of Faithful Savior Lutheran Church and their Parkrose Pantry. To read about it, CLICK HERE.

Then, for a few months, we didn’t hear from those parishioners, and wondered if they were continuing the program.

Not long ago we were contacted by folks at from St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, also in Parkrose, requesting we help them promote their food pantry.

In the St. Matthew’s Anglican Church “pantry stockroom” are Ray Noel, Shannon Sexton, and Rector David Humphrey of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church.

Visiting the church in April, St. Matthew’s Anglican Church member Steve Snyder explained what took place.

This church location was originally the location of the Faithful Savior Lutheran Church,” Snyder told East Portland News.

“As their congregation dwindled, they decided to gift us the church and campus,” he continued. “One of the conditions they requested is that we keep providing the food pantry service to our community – the one that they’d operated for two years or so.”

The new church members readily agreed to carry on the tradition of hosting a monthly pantry for those in need.

Restocking the shelves is Steve Snyder, Food Ministry Coordinator.

“We’ve evolved the concept a little bit, adding additional types of food, and decided to host it inside our vestibule area, making it comfortable to use in all kinds of weather,” Snyder pointed out.

“Before we opened today, for example, there was already a line of people queuing up,” noted Snyder. “We serve about 25 households every month; and, we feel great about it. It’s really a tangible effort to express the love of Christ in the community.”

To learn their pantry dates, see our East Portland News Community Calendar.

And, for more information about St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, located at 11100 NE Skidmore Street, 97220, see their website: CLICK HERE.

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