Wild winds in East Portland cause relatively little damage

On our tour during the storm, we expected to see massive damage from the 60 mph winds. See what we found, instead ‚Ķ

The high winds pushed over many trees rooted in rain-soaked soil. This tree, on NE 111th Avenue, pulled over a utility pole.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Major storms blowing through our area in early November, days apart, blew tree limbs into yards and roads, flooded low spots in streets, and alarmed a lot of East Portland residents and business people.

While an outer East Portland man was trapped in his truck after a tree in his yard pulled down power lines, and other incidents darkened as many as 2,000 homes for several hours, surprisingly little damage was done by the howling storms.

This MAX stop at 148th Ave. and E. Burnside St. was dark, and traffic was warned to be careful by burning flares.

On Sunday evening, we snaked throughout blacked out intersections on SE Powell, from SE 162nd Ave. westward past SE 136th Ave.

Making our way through Eastmoreland, we expected to see some of the mighty American Elms toppling. All we found was a large branch that fell off a conifer on SE Woodstock, just east of SE 28th Avenue.

Predictions for a wild winter
The weather service predicts more storms in the Pacific that will find their way inland to Portland over the coming months.

Make sure you have plenty of blankets, flashlights – and an auxiliary power source for your computer so you can keep reading East PDX News – when the power goes out!

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