Weekly clean-ups of Lents streets are ongoing

Find out who’s still picking up litter and stray trash in the industrial area of the Lents neighborhood …

In outer East Portland, volunteers start their Saturday morning rounds – picking up litter and trash in the Lents neighborhood.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

For years, Lents neighbors who live near the WestRock recycling operation – just south of SE Foster Road, and a bit east of I-205 – have had to deal with stray paper and cardboard, blown into their yards while it was being sorted and bundled at WestRock. Also, litter arrived the neighborhood via the Springwater Corridor Trail.

But, starting in January of 2019, volunteers associated with the Lents Neighborhood Livability Association (LNLA) began to step up to perform weekly street clean-ups. Their efforts are continuing almost every early Saturday morning.

LNLA volunteers Char Pennie and Bridget Lopez snatch and bag litter, trash, and other refuse found on the streets.

WestRock has given LNLA a continuing grant for conducting this neighborhood clean-up service around their plant,” Char Pennie reminded us.

“The LNLA uses these funds to help neighbors-in-need with supplies, and food for food banks. For example, we just helped get a homeless person into housing,” Pennie told East Portland News. “Home Forward is helping with rent assistance, but the LNLA paid the deposit, and Tbarb’s Estate & Moving Sales gave furniture.”

No bit of trash on the street escapes the eagle eye of volunteer Penny Wilson.

Penny Wilson, a neighbor who lives just up the street from the plant, commented, “And, this work makes our part of the Lents neighborhood more presentable, and it shows that neighbors are responsible.

“Having a clean neighborhood, increases pride of ownership – even for renters – helping make a better environment in which to live.”

Find out more about the LNLA by visiting their website: CLICK HERE.

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