Two outer East Portland shootings – and two die

‘Billy Jack’ Haynes UPDATE #2 | Week #191 Shooting Report | INCLUDES DAYTIME SHOOTING INVESTIGATION VIDEO | Presenting the facts about a nighttime shooting in Centennial, and a daytime shooting in Lents …

Portland Police Homicide Unit detectives, investigators, officers, and their Mobile Command Unit, are called to fatal shots-fired incidents in the Centennial and Lents neighborhoods this week.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

The pace of fatal and injury-causing gun violence is again quickening this week.

While Portland Police Bureau (PPB) district officers and members of their Enhanced Community Safety Team (ECST) and Focused Intervention Team (FIT) are still being dispatched to numerous “Shots Fired” calls – this week, their Homicide Unit detectives were summoned to investigate two fatal shootings.

February 2
Man dies after being shot in Centennial bar

After a man leaves this Centennial neighborhood bar – and returns with a handgun – he’s shot, and later dies of his wounds. Courtesy of KPTV FOX News 12

Both East Precinct and FIT officers were dispatched on Friday evening, February 2nd, to look into a shooting at the Lariat Lounge, a karaoke bar at 17238 SE Division Street.

Arriving officers found an injured man inside the bar, and began providing trauma first aid until emergency medical services providers arrived.

After being medically-stabilized by paramedics, a man with “life-threatening injuries” is rushed to a local hospital’s trauma unit.

Paramedics were soon providing the wounded man advanced emergency care, before taking him to a local hospital with what officials characterized as “life-threatening injuries”.

Several hours later, PPB was notified that, despite the lifesaving efforts by medical professionals, the patient had died at the hospital. The Portland Police Homicide Unit was notified, and took over the investigation.

Shown here with his display of books urging children to “Don’t Judge, Love” is the shooting victim, 37-year-old Montrell D. Goss. Social media image

On February 5, officials identified the shooting victim as 37-year-old Montrell D. Goss, of Portland. The Medical Examiner determined Goss died of homicide by gunshot wound.

This is the cover of one of the books written by Montrell D. Goss, as displayed on Amazon.

Through the Homicide Unit’s investigation, detectives learned that there had been an argument between Goss and a man in the bar. Reportedly, Goss left the bar, went to his vehicle, and retrieved a firearm – then returned to the bar, became involved in a confrontation, and shots were fired. Two guns were recovered from the scene.

“All witnesses are cooperating with authorities,” a PPB Public Information Officer Sgt. Kevin Allen told reporters. “At this stage in the investigation, no one has been charged with a crime … all evidence will be presented to a Grand Jury in the very near future.”

On into the night, this shooting homicide investigation continues. Courtesy KATU-2 News

If you have information about this case, contact Detective Eric McDaniel 503-823-0833 or Detective Sean Macomber 503-823-0404 and reference case number 24-26686.

February 8
Daytime fatal shooting in Lents remains shrouded in mystery – UPDATED

Armored PPB SERT vehicles roll west along SE Yukon Street toward 100th Avenue, because a man they believe to still be armed had refused to leave the house where a shooting took place, two blocks north of SE Foster Road in the Lents neighborhood.

Perhaps due to the nature of this “Shooting-with-Weapon”, dispatched on Thursday, February 8, at 9:52 a.m., PPB officials are still tight-lipped about this incident.

More than one neighbor watching the investigation unfold just outside the police tape told East Portland News who they believed the suspected shooter to be, and why he may have shot the victim, in this home on SE 100th Avenue at Yukon Street.

Watch this video that shows what took place while this investigation was getting underway:

Upon arrival, East Precinct officers called for backup from PPB Tactical Teams, after they contacted a potential suspect in the home who didn’t cooperate with officers. It wasn’t long until the nearby residential streets were filled with officers from the Bureau’s Special Emergency Reaction Team (SERT) and the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT).

Either nearby residents didn’t receive the “shelter-in-place” notification, or they ignored it, because many of them were out on nearby streets watching as SERT officers and their armored trucks rolled along neighborhood roads.

This blue painted house is the focus of this shooting homicide investigation.

The SERT units rolled up to the blue house with white trim, staged there for a short time, then moved away.

A bit later, the PPB Mobile Command Center drove in, and parked on SE 100th Avenue, facing the house. It was followed by PPB Forensics Unit workers.

Hours into the incident, PPB Public Information Manger Mike Benner talks with reporters, but doesn’t make an official statement.

At 12:12 p. m., PPB Public Information Manger Mike Benner told reporters that PPB Homicide Unit detectives and investigators were not revealing any information about the shooting at that time.

A bit later, Benner told waiting reporters, “There was approximately two hours of interaction between our folks and this individual. This person eventually came out of a home, and he was detained.”

The shooting suspect is seated in the back of this patrol SUV, door open, with an officer standing by. Shortly, the door was closed and the police cruiser departed.

SERT armored trucks blocked a view of the man being walked out of the residence and seated in the back of a patrol SUV, with its door left open.

Eventually, an officer closed the vehicle’s door, and drove away south on SE 100th Avenue.

Throughout the day, the investigation continues.

At 6:39 p.m. Benner disclosed, via media release, “Officers went inside the home and located an adult female who was deceased.

“Homicide detectives responded to the scene and began their investigation. There is no ongoing threat to the community,” he added.

The victim of this fatal shooting has since been identified as Janette Becraft. Family provided photo

On February 9, officials identified the person who died in this shooting as 85-year-old Janette Becraft, of Portland. The Medical Examiner determined she died of “homicide by gunshot wound”.

“A suspect is in police custody,” Benner stated. “The name will be released upon formal charging.”

If you have information about this case, and haven’t yet spoken with police, contact Detective Ryan Foote at  (503) 823-0781 or Detective Travis Law at  503-823-0395 and reference Case No. 24-31552.

UPDATE – February 10

Known by Portland Wrestling fans in the mid 1980s as pro wrestler Billy Jack Haynes, now 70-year-old William Albert Haynes, Jr., is accused of killing his wife in his Lents home. Social media images

On February 10, PPB officials revealed the suspect in this shooting is 70 –year-old William Albert Haynes, Jr. – the husband of Janette Becraft.

Haynes is in police custody at a local hospital while he is being treated for a medical condition, unrelated to the homicide, or his contact with law enforcement. Once he is released from medical care, he is expected to be booked into jail. Haynes’ charges will be released once he is booked.

Locally, fans watched in arenas and on TV as Lents native Billy Jack Haynes grappled with other Portland Wrestling performers, competing against others, such as Roddy Piper, King Parsons, Matt Borne, “Gentleman” Chris Adams, Rip Oliver, “Playboy” Buddy Rose, and David Schultz. Some say he took the name “Billy Jack” because he looked similar to actor Thomas Robert Laughlin Jr., co-produced and acted in four Billy Jack-titled motion pictures.

UPDATE #2 – February 28

William Albert “Billy Jack” Haynes, Jr was released from the hospital the afternoon of February 28. He was taken to the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) and booked in at 2:37 p.m. on an arrest warrant for Murder in the Second Degree and Unlawful Use of a Weapon.

Haynes is currently lodged in MCDC, his bail status is pending.

East Portland News will continue to update this story as information becomes available.

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