Two die in Hazelwood shootings this week

Week #206 Shooting Report | UPDATED: Both shooting homicide victims identified | Yes, sadly, a man, and a women – in separate incidents – are dead after shootings in outer East Portland …

Officers respond when shots are fired in the Hazelwood neighborhood and this these are fatalities.

By David F. Ashton

One can almost feel neighbors across outer East Portland steeling themselves against yet another summer of deadly shootings, as has been the case each year since 2020.

In two days, two people die in Hazelwood neighborhood shooting incidents.

Man shot in Hazelwood mini-mall parking lot dies

In the parking lot of the 130th Stark Street Mall is where officers, and later detectives, find spent bullet shell casings identifying it as another shooting. Courtesy KGW-TV News

It’s likely that at least some of the businesses in the 130th Stark Street Mall were open during the wee hours of Tuesday, May 21, when shots were heard in the parking lot.

Likely, establishments there were doing business all night, because after Portland Police Bureau (PPB) East Precinct officers, who arrived shortly after 1:23 a.m., closed off the area and didn’t allow any vehicles to leave the location – reported as the 13000 block of SE Stark Street – until well after sunrise that morning.

An ambulance rushes a shooting victim to a local hospital, where the wounded man dies. Courtesy KGW-TV News

“When officers arrived, they found a man who was suffering from a gunshot wounds,” a PPB official confirmed to reporters. “Officers at the scene provided trauma first aid until paramedics arrived. AMR transported the victim to an area hospital, where he later died.”
During the investigation, SE 130th Avenue was closed off from Stark to Alder Streets.

The PPB’s Mobile Command Unit parks nearby on SE 130th Avenue, as the investigation gets underway. Courtesy KGW-TV News

Because of the severity of the victim’s injuries, PPB Homicide Unit detectives were summoned to investigate this shooting.

PPB officials remain mum about the potential identity of the shooter. And, they’ve not yet revealed the name of the shooting victim. We’ll update that story as the information becomes available.

Evidence markers show the location of spent bullet shell casings left behind in the parking lot. Courtesy KPTV Fox-12 Oregon News


Officials say that this man, 39-year-old Kelly D. Ankeny Jr. was killed during in this shooting. Family provided photo

On May 31, 10 days after this fatal shooting, it was revealed by Portland Police that the man killed had been identified as Kelly D. Ankeny Jr., of Portland.

The Medical Examiner determined Ankeny died of homicide by gunshot wounds.

This case remains under investigation. If you have information about this incident, contact Detective Eric McDaniel at 503-823-0833 or Detective Sean Macomber at 503-823-0404. When you do, reference Case No. 24-124522.

Woman shot to death in Hazelwood apartment unit

Not much can be seen down this narrow street as officers, crime scene investigators and detectives move into the area, just south of East Burnside Street.

After shots ring out in the Vine Maple Apartments, along SE 146th Avenue, a block south of East Burnside street on Thursday evening, May 23, PPB East Precinct officers are dispatched at 10:04 p.m. to this housing complex on a “Shooting-with Weapon” call.

With the street closed off at the south end at SE Stark Street, reporters gathered north the TriMet MAX Light Rail tracks that run along East Burnside Street and watched as officers, PPB Homicide Unit detectives arrived at the scene, which was located back in the apartment complex, off the residential street, out of sight.

Into the night, this shooting homicide continues.

“Arriving officers found an adult female deceased inside of an apartment. The suspect or suspects left the scene before police were called,” is the terse comment made by officials at the time.


31-year-old Laquonda Fuller-Hudson as been identified as the person killed in this gunshot homicide. Family provided photo

On May 31, Portland Police identified this shooting murder victim as 31-year-old Laquonda Fuller-Hudson, of Portland.

The Medical Examiner determined Fuller-Hudson died of homicide by gunshot wound.

Also updated on this date: The suspect in this case is in police custody at a local hospital. He is being treated for injuries sustained during an incident that occurred after the homicide, but prior to the suspect’s contact with law enforcement. That incident is still under investigation.

Again, if you have information about this shooting, please contact Detective Brian Sims at, 503-823-2079, or Detective Mike Schmerber at, 503-823-0991 and please reference Case No. 24-127149.

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And so wraps up the 206th East Portland News “Weekly Shooting Report”.

In June 2022, the City of Portland “invested” $2.7 million in the ‘Safer Summer PDX’ initiative, an effort that turned out to have few tangible results in shooting reduction.

In June 2023 Mayor Ted Wheeler announced a $4.5 million “investment” to start and operate “Portland Ceasefire” – its first year will conclude at the end of May.

Looking at the most recent “Portland Ceasefire” report [CLICK HERE], it’s difficult to understand, in any clear terms, the efficacy of the initiative.

Deadly shootings continue.

And, to find more about why and how our weekly “Shooting Report” articles began and still continue, CLICK HERE.

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