Two daytime shootings this week, two more people wounded, one seriously

Week #177 Shooting Report | INCLUDES SHOOTING INVESTIGATION VIDEOS | Here’s what’s been learned about the shooting at a TriMet MAX Light Rail station in Hazelwood – and also about a man, shot in the head, in Lents …

Again this week, Portland Police Bureau officers and investigators are called to multiple “Shooting-with Weapon” and “Shots Fired” calls in outer East Portland.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

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October 29
One injured at TriMet MAX Light Rail Station

After the injured shooting victim has been whisked away from this TriMet MAX Light Rail station by ambulance, officers and investigators begin looking for evidence.

When many folks were headed out to a Sunday night Hallowe’en party on October 29, Portland Police Bureau (PPB) East Precinct offers were on their way to another “Shooting-with Weapon” call.

Dispatched at 5:20 p.m. that afternoon, eventually nine PPB officers — including ones from the bureau’s Enhanced Community Safety Team (ECST) —  arrived at the westbound TriMet MAX Light Rail Station, just west along East Burnside at NE 122nd Avenue.

See our video of this brief shooting investigation:

Witnesses told East Portland News that “at least one person” was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for medical evaluation and care.

Some of the officers at the MAX Station were collecting evidence; others were taking photos of the area. One witness showed an investigator officer a video he’d taken around the time of the shooting, at that location.

A witness shows video he took of the shooting to an investigator.

Investigators make quick work of this shooting investigation, and move on to their next call of the day.

Curiously, officers wrapped up their investigation exactly 30 minutes after it was dispatched. An officer at the scene commented, as he headed back to his patrol vehicle, “With the number of [shooting] investigations we’ve been doing, we’re getting quite efficient with the process.”

So far, several requests for more information about this incident from the PPB Public Information Office have gone unanswered. We’ll update the story when more is learned.

If you have information about this shooting, email Attn: ECST and reference Case No. 23-283216.

October 31
Daytime shooting leaves camper with head wound near SE 82nd Avenue

PPB officers are called here, along SE 82nd Avenue of Roses two blocks south of Powell Boulevard, to investigate this daytime shooting.

This daytime “Shooting-with Weapon” call was dispatched at 11:18 a.m. on Hallowe’en – October 31st – to the intersection of SE 82nd Avenue of Roses at Powell Boulevard.

After checking the intersection, PPB East Precinct officers located the crime scene on S E Lafayette Street, a half-block east of 82nd Avenue of Roses. The focus of their attention was a small transient camp on the north side of the street.

Here’s our video showing the investigation of this shooting:

At the scene, a neighbor told East Portland News that, as he was turning off SE 82nd Avenue of Roses onto Lafayette Street, heading home – before the police arrived – his dashboard video camera captured a commotion in a group of people around the tent. He showed us that video; he also showed it to the police.

Nine officers responded to the crime scene; several were still working the incident at 6 p.m. that evening.

The PPB’s ECST eventually responded to the scene and took over the ongoing shooting investigation.

Looking west on SE Lafayette Street toward 82nd Avenue of Roses, officers guard the crime scene while they await the arrival of investigators.

Some of the PPB’s ECST investigators examine the spot where a man was shot in the head.

“A victim was shot in the head and seriously injured; he was transported to the hospital by ambulance,” PPB Public Information Officer Sergeant Kevin Allen confirmed after the incident. “After treatment at the hospital, the shooting victim is expected to survive.”

Officers and investigators discuss their findings as part of this shooting inquiry.

No arrests were made during the initial investigation. If you have information about this shooting, email Attn: ECST and reference Case No. 23-283216.

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This week, we’re just leaving it with these tragic stories being reported.

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