Two cars wrecked in Avenue of Roses smashup

Find out why officials say this crash happened – one which brought two ambulances to the scene …

NE 82nd Avenue of Roses is closed near NE Klickitat Street, while emergency responders prepare to tow two wrecked vehicles from the scene.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

According to witnesses standing at the McDonald’s restaurant who saw the collision take place, this multiple-injury motor vehicle accident took place “in a flash” at about 10:30 a.m. on January 19.

“It looked like the dark car tried to beat out traffic, pulling out (of McDonald’s),” said Kanisha Johnson. “The red car couldn’t stop, and hit it.”

A Portland Police Bureau officer puts out more road flares, diverting drivers from the wreck scene.

A Portland Police Bureau officer at the scene concurred with that statement, saying it appeared as if a red Honda Accord EX was northbound in the 3300 block of NE 82nd Avenue of Roses near Klickitat Street. It couldn’t stop in time to miss a Dodge Magnum which had pulled out of the restaurant parking lot right in front of it.

Two AMR ambulances were dispatched to the scene; at least two individuals were transported to local hospitals for evaluation and treatment, according to public records.

This Dodge Magnum was hit with such force, it spun the vehicle around, 180°.

Clearly, the crash totaled the Honda Accord EX.

“It could be either a case of bad judgment, or just bad timing,” the officer said. “Either way, it’s an accident.”

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