TriMet’s new MAX trains revealed

See the look of TriMet’s newest MAX Light Rail trains, coming soon to an outer East Portland station near you …

It’s a big party thrown by TriMet at the Park Avenue Station, as they unveil their new “Type 6” train before it goes into service.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

It was like a big party on Sunday, October 15, as TriMet showed off their new-generation MAX trains – they call this the “Type 6” – at the southern end of the Orange Line, at the Park Avenue Station at Milwaukie.

More than simply giving folks a look, the celebration plied visitors with food and drinks, tours, free commemorative T-shirts, fold-up cardboard MAX train toys, and posters – all in what seemed a carnival atmosphere.

Showing off the commemorative poster, it’s TriMet Public Information Officer Tyler Graf.

“We’re here to thank the public for supporting us and being train riders,” TriMet Public Information Officer Tyler Graf remarked. “And, of course, we’re also introducing out new ‘Type 6’ train to people who we know will be excited about riding it in the future!”

Prospective riders queue up to board the parked TriMet MAX “Type 6”, to get their first look inside the new light rail car.

Inside the train, these folks are waiting their turn to look into one of its new cabs.

Graf said that some of the features riders will notice include:

  • Operator cabs at both ends of the train car, and room on board for 168 riders.
  • New digital signs inside which change to show the next MAX stop on the line.
  • New colored LED lights to indicate the available doors for boarding and getting off the train.
  • Improved cabin temperature controls, for increased comfort in both summer and winter.

Here’s a look at one of the operator cabs; there’s one at each end of each train.

It won’t be long until the MAX “Type 6” train will be stopping at a station near you.

“In a couple of months, we will be saying goodbye to our first-generation trains,” Graf pointed out. “Those original 26 trains have proven to be extremely durable over the years – some will have traveled two million miles by the time they’re retired.”

TriMet plans to donate at least one of the retired “Type 1” trains to the Oregon Electric Railway Museum in Brooks, just north of Salem; the others will be recycled locally.

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