Tremendous turnout at Parkrose ‘Trunk or Treat’

See how, in just a couple of years, participation at this pre-Hallowe’en event put on by Parkrose businesses has grown …

Not long after it opens for this year’s outer East Portland Hallowe’en event, lots of families are drawn to the 2017 Parkrose Trunk-or-Treat.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

It started with a simple idea, about three years ago, by members of the Parkrose Business Association (PBA): Create a Hallowe’en event to provide a family-oriented and fun trick-or-treat experience.

From this, the Parkrose Trunk-or-Treat was created – at which businesses and organizations gather in the Parkrose High School parking lot to provide treats from the backs of parked vehicles.

PBA Board Member Wayne Stoll, of Century Associates and Argay Square, clearly enjoys handing out the treats.

The first outing was on the Sunday before Hallowe’en 2015; the new event was met with a deluge. [To read about that event, CLICK HERE].

The 2017 occasion, held on October 29, also at the school, was notably and meteorologically different from the previous year’s event.

Thrilled with the weather, and the attendance, is the colorfully costumed event organizer, Kristin Trevino with Signs Now Northwest.

“This is our third year of putting on our Parkrose Trunk-or-Treat – but it’s the first year that the sun was out, and not pouring rain!” enthused organizer for the PBA, Kristin Trevino, of Signs Now Northwest.

“Our very first year we had about 500 kids come out with their parents,” Trevino told East Portland News. “Last year, we estimated about 1,000 in attendance; and now it looks likely we’ll double that number of participants this afternoon!”

Visiting booth after booth, folks have fun at this year’s Trunk-or-Treat party.

Mostly in costume, families snaked their way through the rows of vehicles parked in the high school’s east parking lot – getting candy and goodies as they made their way from booth to booth.

Shortly after the opening at 4:00 p.m., the line waiting to enter the event, featuring 30 booths, snaked west in the sidewalk along the school and continued to lengthen.

Enjoying the festivity is Kim La Croiz, holding Evelyn, visiting with event MC Ken Poirier, of Sir Kenneth’s DJ Service.

“I’m so happy to see the response; it’s great fun,” Trevino smiled. “It’s fulfilling our purpose of a fun way to give back to our local community, our neighbors, who support our local businesses.

“About 80% of our ‘trunks’ are associated with the PBA; the others participating here today are from our neighborhood associations and nonprofit organizations; plus, Historic Parkrose is a big partner with us in this event,” added Trevino.

These friendly pirates, with the Parkrose Neighborhood Association, are Chair Annette Stanhope and Secretary Liz Fernley.

Here are the winners of this year’s Costume Contest. Kristin Trevino photo

Organizers made a couple of “candy runs” to resupply the goodies brought by the participants, so everyone who waited in line was treated – and that was as many as 2,000 kids and adults this year.

“Our committee is meeting this week, getting to begin preparing for next hear,” Trevino assured.

Each and every person who came to this year’s Trunk-or-Treat festivity received treats with which to enjoy the celebration.

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