Tree planting highlights Arbor Day celebration

Discover where, in outer East Portland, our city officially celebrated Arbor Day this year. Hint: It was in the Hazelwood neighborhood …

Neighbors, and tree lovers, arrive to celebrate Arbor Day 2019 by planting trees at East Holladay Park.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Some years, Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) has hosted large events with entertainment and music to celebrate Arbor Day.

However, although this year’s observance on October 12 at East Holladay Park was a bit more low-key, it still attracted two dozen volunteers to the park, which is hidden just west of Glendoveer, between NE Glisan and Halsey Streets.

PP&R Urban Forestry Outreach & Stewardship Coordinator Clare Carney was glad to see so many volunteers come to the Arbor Day tree planting.

“We’re planting nine trees here in the park to celebrate Arbor Day, which is part of Portland’s being designated by the Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City USA for 42 years,” said PP&R Urban Forestry Outreach & Stewardship Coordinator Clare Carney as volunteers gathered.

“Adding new trees to this park is a good way to celebrate Arbor Day – along with a nice gathering of neighbors, and folks who are interested in planting trees, who came out this morning, to appreciate each other, build community, and increase our urban forest,” Carney told East Portland News.

After a briefing, volunteers head out to the tree planting area.

Longtime outer East Portland parks activist Linda Robinson says she wouldn’t think of missing planting trees, here in “her” neighborhood’s park.

“Actually, I live, as the crow flies, about a quarter-mile from this park!” smiled East Portland Parks Coalition Chair, and Hazelwood neighbor, Linda Robinson.

“This is the most people I’ve seen in East Holladay Park since we had the grand opening of the play structure,” Robinson observed. “While this has been a park for a long time, it’s been slowly developed over time; first with a dog park, and parking lot; then a path and benches – and finally, the play equipment.”

Helping to plant a Quercus bicolor, more commonly known as a “swamp white oak” tree, is the President of Madison High School at Marshall Campus Eco Club, senior Justin Feng – with help from club member and Madison senior Nicholas Beaird.

Helping plant a tree at the observance is PP&R Director Adena Long.

“We have a few trees, but now we’re getting a bunch more of them, with even more to come later!” Robinson said.

“Having more trees here is good for our neighborhood, because this park provides general recreation. It’s true, one can walk Glendoveer’s track, but you can’t play – unless you’re playing golf or tennis,” Robinson affirmed.

Urban Forestry’s ‘Tree Giveaway’ fully subscribed
When asked about the autumn outer East Portland “Tree Giveaway” program, PP&R’s Carney said, “The tree giveaway is very popular; we filled up all of our pre-registrations for the first event on October 19 at Gateway Discovery Park, almost immediately; the November 2 giveaway at Parklane Park, and the November 16 one at Cathedral Park in the St. Johns neighborhood, were also quickly fully subscribed.

“But, folks who didn’t sign up in time, may still be able to get a free yard tree – on a first-come, first-serve basis – at 1:00 p.m. each of those days, and they may receive trees that have not been taken,” advised Carney.

For more information about the Tree Giveaway, see the official PP&R webpage: CLICK HERE.

>> On our Front Page: Madison High grad, and now University of Portland student Sammy Feng, prepares a tree’s root ball for planting.

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