Tree friends greening outer East Portland

Find out where we checked in, to see happy volunteers helping ‘Friends of Trees’ bring more future shade to the northern section of outer East Portland …

Thomas Nevarez, Stephen Duncan, and Liam Duncan plant trees on NE Brazee Street at NE 130th Avenue.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
It make take a decade or so, but many parts of outer East Portland will have a lot more shade during the summertime, thanks to efforts by Friends of Trees volunteers on March 10. They planted trees at many locations.

At one site, on NE Brazee Street, a volunteer crew was planting “street trees” along the parking strip.

Kate Hibschman, a volunteer crew leader with Friends of Trees, helps plant a trident maple.

A volunteer with Friends of Trees, Crew Leader Kate Hibschman, said she traveled to outer Northeast Portland from her home in North Portland’s Piedmont Neighborhood because “It’s a good way to help our city, and a good way to help build a more livable community.”

Theirs was one of many sites, Hibschman said. “Hundreds of trees will be going in today. It’s fun when neighbors walk by and say, ‘Good for you, helping the community’.”

A volunteer with the organization for about three years, Hibschman said she enjoys seeing different areas of Portland. “When volunteers walk by here, years from now, hopefully they’ll remember they planted a tree, and will feel good that they made a difference.”

Parkrose High School is the site of a large planting effort, as part of their new “fitness trail” on the school’s east end lawn.

Another group was hard at work on the east lawn of Parkrose High School (PHS), where a “fitness track” is being installed.

Here, many PHS Broncos volunteered, to help make the work go more quickly.

PHS sophomores Belle Cha and Lorna Gavin, with adult volunteer Jonas Braciulis.

Kasandra Griffin, another Friends of Trees volunteer crew leader at the site, said “We’re putting in small trees here today. But, in time, they’ll grow into large trees that will shade the area.”

Griffin added that she’s pleased to be participating, because “Trees help clean our air, retain water, and beautify this area.”

Friends of Trees volunteer Crew Leader Kasandra Griffin says enjoys helping the environment, and making new friends while doing it.

“These trees, on the [Parkrose High] fitness trail,” Griffin added, “will add to the enjoyment of students, parents, teachers, and community members, while they’re walking around and benefiting from being outside.”

Although it’s now near the end of the tree-planting season, there are many volunteer opportunities with Friends of Trees year-’round. Learn more, by checking out their website: CLICK HERE to open it.

PHS junior Brandon Cha digs a hole for another atree.

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