Tipsy driver flies off highway in Montavilla, crashes into car lot

INCLUDES AFTERMATH VIDEO | See just how sturdy the thick, steel chain bordering the Atlas Motors lot on SE 82nd Avenue at Washington Street really is. But, it didn’t stop an allegedly drunk driver from wrecking some of their vehicles …

Looking east on SE Washington Street, this Toyota Tundra, with destroyed front end and flattened roof, is being loaded onto a flat bed tow truck after rampaging through a gas station and, across the street, into a used car lot.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Tuesday evening, January 5, when dozens of Portland Police Bureau (PPB) patrol cars and other emergency vehicles were heading east on SE Stark Street to a Subject-with Weapon call, three other East Precinct SUVs – and an ambulance – were westbound, headed toward a smashup at the intersection of SE 82nd Avenue of Roses and Washington Street.

It was a violent vehicle crash. How extreme? Take a look at its aftermath in this exclusive video:

One of the East Precinct officers dispatched at 10:54 p.m. to that injury accident, told East Portland News that the crash scene was “very astonishing, bordering on astounding!” And that it was.

“It’s fortunate that this took place relatively late on a rainy night when there weren’t vehicles stopped at the intersection waiting for a red light,” the officer remarked.

This image shows where the pickup truck careened through the gas station driveway, smashed into the air vending machine — once securely bolted to a concrete slab — knocked down the light post, and continued south across SE Washington Street.

In this wide angle photo, you can see a PPB officer and a Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry worker examining the damage on the south side of the street.

Here, the PPB officer and a Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry worker survey the debris left behind from this smashup.

From what officers could gather, from examining the scene, a white Toyota Tundra pickup truck was southbound on 82nd Avenue of Roses at a high rate of speed as it passed SE Stark Street. There, the driver apparently lost control, veering off the road, obliquely into the Chevron gas station’s southerly driveway.

After crossing the driveway, the truck wiped out the air/water vending machine, smashed down a light post, and uprooted a street tree. But not even the tree stopped the out-of-control pickup.

The truck continued southbound across SE Washington Street and jumped the other curb, continued over the sidewalk, and smashed through a heavy steel “ship anchor” chain that surrounds the Atlas Motors used vehicle lot. What finally brought it to a halt?  Several vehicles on display in the lot. Several received major damage.

The impact of the hurtling pickup truck didn’t break the thick “anchor chain” bordering the Atlas Motors lot, but it did snap its mountings on the steel poles, letting the hurtling truck in to damaging some vehicles being displayed for sale. Note the air vending machine near the center of the image.

As you can see, the chain was unbroken – but lying on the ground, along with parts from the smashed vehicles.

“Officers responded to reports of an accident involving a pickup truck was in a collision with another vehicle,” later confirmed PPB Public Information Manager Mike Benner. Actually, several other vehicles.

“The pick up truck came to rest in the parking lot of a car dealership, causing damage to six other vehicles in the process. Medical first-responders worked to remove the pickup truck driver from his vehicle, and he was transported to an area hospital for treatment,” Benner told East Portland News.

It’s unlikely that this Toyota Tundra will be driven again – ever.

Either on his way to the hospital, or after his arrival, 64-year-old Douglas K. Hoff of Vancouver was cited – not arrested – a for Reckless Endangering of Another Person, Reckless Driving, DUII (alcohol), and Criminal Mischief in the First Degree.

While the PPB hasn’t requested witnesses to step forward, if you do have information to help their investigation – and perhaps useful to the owners of Atlas Motors, in pursuing their insurance claim – email it to, and make reference to Case No. 24-4134.

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