Tiny town gets ‘rolling grocer’ visits

Find out why many residents of the City of Maywood Park can now shop, right in their own small-yet-vibrant city …

“Molly”, the My Street Grocery trolley, makes its Saturday morning stop in the City of Maywood Park.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

For decades, many residents of the City of Maywood Park, a miniature metropolis of residences surrounded by outer East Portland, have longed for the opportunity to “shop locally” within their mid-County town.

There isn’t land suitable for Trader Joe’s or Grocery Outlet Bargain Market to build a small grocery story in their pleasant community.

Maywood Park community organizer for the project Laleña Dolby shows off fresh carrots being offered to visiting kids with My Street Grocery Operations Leader at Whole Foods Market, Andy Evans.

But that didn’t stop resident Laleña Dolby, who by day is the Communication Manager at Zenger Farm, from inviting a rolling market into the neighborhood.

“My partner and I moved here about a year ago,” Dolby “There isn’t a grocery store nearby, and there isn’t local access healthy, fresh food.”

So, Dolby said she contacted Whole Foods Market, to see if their “My Street Grocery” trolley-like rolling market could schedule a stop in their city.

Steve Johnson and Linda Johnson check out the local produce as they shop in the “My Street Grocery” trolley.

“We approached them late last year, and offered a trial market,” Dolby told East Portland News. “It was very well received by the community. We entered into a commitment to have them come in the spring. Now, they’re here every Saturday morning for two hours.”

The store is stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables. “They also have dry goods, like beans and rice, as well as high quality frozen meat and fresh bakery products.

“All the foods they stock are healthy foods,” extolled Dolby. “So, because of this market, young kids, who are learning to shop for the first time, are presented with healthy food options, which are great.”

The prices are about the same as one would find in a Whole Foods Market, Dolby added. “And, they do accept SNAP and EBT, so they serve people of all different means.”

Although it’s tucked away in the northwest corner of Maywood Park when it visits on Saturday mornings, everyone is invited come shop from the surrounding Portland neighborhoods too – including Parkrose, Sumner, and Kelly.

City of Maywood Park Mayor Mark Hardie completes his grocery shopping after being checked out by cashier My Street Grocery” founder, and Whole Foods Market Food Access Coordinator, Amelia Pape.

My Street Grocery
at City of Maywood Park

  • Saturdays ~ 10 a.m. until noon
  • At the intersection of SE Mason Street and SE Mason Place
  • For more information, CLICK HERE

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