‘The Tricks of Love’ exposed at Marshall Campus

Find out where you can see this colorful production of ‘Les Ruses d’Amour’, a lively comic ballet, next weekend – and why you should …

Metro Dancers artists rehearse in their Montavilla-based studio for their upcoming production of Les Ruses d’Amour on April 25.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Montavilla-based Metro Dancers, the company that’s brought full-length ballet productions to enthusiastic audiences in Portland for the past thirty-eight years, has been rehearsing for their latest production, Les Ruses d’Amour”, scheduled for two performances on April 25.

“Set in the splendor of an Italian villa, the production is full of fun and surprises,” grinned Nancy Yeamans, director of Portland Metro Arts.

“Nobleman” Emmet Lane-Ruckman and village girl Alyssa Alloway perfect their dance steps for Les Ruses d’Amour.

“Having first been performed in 1900, it could be said this is the first story of ‘a Runaway Bride’, and in this case, the groom, as well,” Yeamans remarked. “Dancers and other performers bring this story to life – with the antics of Isabelle and Damis who are betrothed strangers, and who disguise themselves to avoid an arranged marriage.”

The music, composed by Glazunov, is among the most beautiful ballet scores ever, despite its lack of familiarity, Yeamans observed.

Les Ruses d’Amour Associate Director Russell Capps suggests a timing change to help the dancers smooth out a segment of the ballet.

“To put it in simple terms, this story is all about the ‘disguise of love’,” said the show’s associate director, Russell Capps. “The characters think they’re falling in love with the wrong person, but ending up actually falling in love with the right person.”

As he guided the dancers during rehearsal, Capps added, “I just love this show. The music, the characters, and the story line make this a fun ballet. And, with these gifted dancers, the audience will see a fun, professional, and festive presentation.”

The noblemen all want to impress this village girl, played by Nayomi Cunningham.

Les Ruses d’Amour, a ballet, is appropriate for all ages – and plays for two performances on April 25, at 3:00 p.m. & 6:30 p.m.

For a small additional charge, you can take part in a “Wedding Banquet” reception before the performances.

Tickets for the performances only are: At the door: HS/Adult $20, Children $15 | Pre-Sale & Group:  HS/Adult $18, Children $13. Purchase tickets securely online: CLICK HERE. Or, buy them in person at the PMA box office, located in outer East Portland 9003 SE Stark Street, in Montavilla.

For more information, call (503) 408-0604.

The performances take place at the Marshall Campus Theater, 3905 SE 91st Avenue, 97266.

Colorful costumes, enchanting dance and great music add up to a delightful afternoon or evening of dance, at Les Ruses d’Amour, on April 25.

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