The ‘stink of pot’ leads to Glenfair drug house bust

Allegedly growing and selling pot – near two elementary schools – is bad enough. Find out what Sheriff’s deputies say was also allegedly for sale, at this Glenfair neighborhood residence …

The house doesn’t look lout of the ordinary – but Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputies say it contained a small-but-pungent pot growing operation.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
It wasn’t the actions that gave a Glenfair father-and-son duo of alleged drug dealers away. It was the stench of their operation.

“Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Special Investigation Unit (SIU) served search warrant at a residence in the 14900 block of NE Glisan on May 28,” reported the agency’s spokesperson, Lt. Mary Lindstrand.

Glenfair Elementary School is just up the street from the house where officials say they found a pot growing operation.

The search warrant issued, Lindstrand told us, because neighbors called Metro, reporting what they believed to be an “illegal dump site” on the property. “When Metro investigated, the smell was that of an indoor marijuana grow was obvious to them.”

These buds of pot – over a pound of them – had been harvested and were ready to sell, officials say. MCSO photo

Although not a huge operation, this 55-plant pot grow produced a thousands of dollars of illegal revenue for the accused father-and-son farmers. MCSO photo

Inside the home, Lindstrand said the alleged indoor pot farmers tried to mask the smell of the exhaust air with a charcoal filter. “The smell was still pretty strong. Once inside, SIO deputies found 55 marijuana plants, almost ready for harvest, and 1.5 pounds ready to sell – with a combined street value $30,000. This is one of the smaller grow operations we’ve uncovered, but they were operating it within 1,000 feet of an elementary school.”

More alarmingly, Lindstrand noted, “Deputies said they found what they believed to be ‘meth’ in almost every room of the house.”

Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputies arrested and brought multiple charges against (left) 24 year old Kyle James Martin and (right) 55 year old Craig Lee Martin.

Father and son team arrested
Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 24-year-old Kyle James Martin, and brought multiple charges, including possessing, manufacturing, and distributing marijuana within 1000 feet a school, as well as possessing methamphetamine.

Also arrested was 55-year-old Craig Lee Martin, also facing multiple charges – including possessing, manufacturing, and distributing marijuana within 1000 feet a school, possessing and distributing methamphetamine within 1000 feet a school, and being a felon in possession a firearm.

Sandra Martin, resident at that address, has not been arrested or charged at this time, Lindstrand added.

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