The dental care plan from this East Portland dentist includes an annual picnic

See why nearly 400 people kept their appointment with Doctor Dave, when they all showed up at this event …

Dr. David Carothers and dental assistant Kathy here work side by side – not in the operatory, but instead, in calling Bingo at his annual Patient Appreciation Picnic.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The smiles were bright on the faces of nearly 400 people – from very little ones to senior citizens – as they gathered under a huge tent at Oaks Amusement Park on July 26.

Their smiles were gleaming white because they said they got great dental care from Dr. David Carothers and his staff. But, they were also smiling because this was the day of his annual Patient Appreciation Picnic.

Family and staff members all pitch in to cook up a feast for patrons of Dr. Dave’s dental practice.

“I think this is our 11th year,” said the dentist, who goes by Dr. Dave, and whose practice is in the medical office building just north of Adventist Medical Center. “It’s a really big family picnic.  All of my staff members and our families are here helping out.”

As the hot end-of-July sun blazed down, his guests were getting cool drinks and salads to accompany their grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and BBQ chicken.

Everyone stays after lunch to play Bingo.

When folks finished their meal, they broke out the Bingo cards – a favorite activity at the event. Every winning player chose a gift from the prize table – and the game went on until all the prizes were won. Then, everyone who wished to have them got a premium Oaks Park rides bracelet to complete their day at the park.

Asked why he holds such an event – when most dentists usually give patients no more than a cheap toothbrush or sugar-free gum – Dr. Dave said, “I have so many wonderful patients who trust me and my staff to take care of them. This is a way to give back to those who trust and support our practice.”

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When it comes to calling the Bingo game, even the kids help out.

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