Suspected impaired driver causes Lents head-on crash

 Looking at the photos, it’s amazing that no one was killed – or even seriously injured – in this outer East Portland smashup …

After hitting the Chevy Suburban in the foreground, the Honda Passport driver sped eastbound, in the wrong lane, and struck the Toyota Prius head-on. An officer surveys this Lents neighborhood accident scene.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Three cars ended up wrecked in crashes along SE Flavel Street near 85th Avenue, on Thursday evening, October 24.

Portland Police Bureau (PPB) East Precinct officers were dispatched at 5:37 p.m.; emergency medical responders were also summoned, due to the severity of the crash, but were quickly dismissed.

The owner of the Chevy tells officers he’d just gotten home, parked his SUV, and headed into his house when he heard a crash – into his rig – followed by a louder smash.

Witnesses said that the incident began with a black Honda Passport driving eastbound on SE Flavel Street – on the wrong side of this two-way street – as it passed SE 85th Avenue.

The Honda clipped the front driver’s side of a Chevy Suburban, taking out the headlight and damaging a wheel, before continuing eastbound, still driving in the westbound lane.

The Honda then collided, head-on, with a silver Toyota Prius hatchback. Although the Toyota had been motoring westbound, the impact of the crash drove the vehicle across the street, so the rear of the vehicle was part way up a nearby driveway.

Shaken, but not injured, the driver of the Toyota retrieves personal belongings from her smashed car.

“The Honda was going pretty good, maybe 40 mph,” estimated neighbor George Howell, who told East Portland News he’d witnessed the accident from afar.

A PPB East Precinct officer confirmed that no one involved in the crash was transported from the scene for medical care.

“The driver of the Honda is suspected of driving under the influence,” the officer said. “He is in custody.”

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