Suspected armed robber with gun shot by police near Mall 205

Week #185 Shooting Report | NOW! INCLUDES INVESTIGATION VIDEO | UPDATED | One man is injured in an accidental shooting; an armed and wanted man is shot after confronting police with a gun – both, in the Mill Park neighborhood …

In the Mill Park neighborhood, Portland Police Bureau officers, detectives and investigators gather after an officer-involved shooting of a reportedly-armed suspect.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Thanks to the efforts of Portland Police Bureau (PPB) District Offices, and those on the Focused Intervention Team (FIT), the Homicide Unit Detectives’ case load slackened in outer East Portland during Christmas week – after investigating back-to-back shooting deaths earlier in December.

However, a shooting did take place in Troutdale on Wednesday evening, December 20.

And, in other areas of Portland, December 21st was a busy day for investigators who were dispatched for these reports of shots fired:

06:33 in the 5500 Block of NE CLACKAMAS ST; Case No. 23-328219
08:43 along 1300 Block of SW BROADWAY; Case No. 23-328296
13:00 in the 2200 Block of LLOYD CENTER; Case No. 23-328451

And, police responded to gunshots on December 26 in the 1800 Block of NE 14TH AVE; Case No. 23-332483

December 17
Mill Park man shoots self

An ambulance comes to the aid of a man who reportedly shot himself in the privates.

Fairly early on December 17, PPB East Precinct officers were dispatched to 12636 SE Alder Street on a “Shooting-with-Weapon” call.

Coming into the Alder Crossing Apartments complex at 7:44 a.m., officers did find the wounded man.

“A man shot self in groin; and was taken to a local hospital for treatment,” was the terse summary provided by a police official.  How this took place, and the victim’s medical condition, were left to the imagination.

December 27
A suspect with an armed robbery warrant was shot by police, running from Mall 205

Along SE 96th Avenue, just west of the Mall 205 complex, PPB personnel go over their plan to investigate the shooting of a reportedly-armed man.

The PPB East Precinct dispatch sent at 3:17 p.m. didn’t state the nature of the call that sent officers toward the Mall 205 Target Store on December 27.

Watch our video that showing this shooting being investigated, on a very windy evening in outer East Portland:

“The officers were advised a suspect in a previously-reported robbery was attempting to steal merchandise,” began Public Information Officer Sergeant Kevin Allen. “The suspect had an active warrant for his arrest. Members of the Focused Intervention Team were nearby, and responded to assist.”

Here’s the suspect, according to Oleg Molodtsov – who provided surveillance video to reporters from a camera inside the Fixoid store where he was working. Here the suspect, possessing a gun, was running west from the Target store toward SE 96th Avenue.

When officers spotted the suspect leaving the store, officers moved in to arrest him in the parking lot – but the man bolted west – running past the Fixoid and T-Mobile stores toward SE 96th Avenue.

“As the suspect approached SE 96th Avenue on the west side of the mall parking lot, there was a confrontation, and shots were fired by officers,” Sergeant Allen told reporters at a press conference, later that evening, in the Mall 205 parking lot. “The suspect was injured and officers immediately requested emergency medical services; [however, as] officers approached the suspect, they confirmed that he was deceased.”

Pressed by reporters to the nature of the “confrontation”, Sergeant Allen remarked, “The nature of the confrontation was uncertain; we are still early in our investigation process.”

Yellow evidence markers show the location of  spent bullet casings.

Up to 35 PPB officers, detectives, and investigators were called to the scene, including the Portland Fire & Rescue Mobile Command Center, as well as the PPB Mobile Command Center.

“It’s not lost on me that these events take a toll on officers,” PPB Chief Bob Day told reporters that evening. “It’s been a tough week for the City of Portland. It’s been a tough week for the Police Bureau; and a tough week for our community. Certainly – for those most significantly impacted – we are reminded of the fragility of life.”

This is the headset the suspect was wearing, and the gun found near him, detectives say. It’s not been revealed why Portland Police released this image in black-and-white.

“I look forward to learning more about this incident after Detectives have time to do a complete and thorough investigation, and I want to assure the community that we will share more about the circumstances as soon as we can,” Chief Day continued. “But, knowing that the suspect was armed is a sobering reminder of the dangers of police work.”

Chief Day briefed Mayor Wheeler’s staff and the City Attorney’s office on the investigation.

Criminalists with the PPB Forensics Unit retrieve evidence-collection tools from their vehicle.

On December 29, a PPB official revealed that the suspect is now being identified as 33-year-old Tyrone Lee Johnson II. The medical examiner determined that the cause of death was gunshot wounds. “Further details about the previous robbery and other criminal investigations involving the suspect are not being released at this time as multiple investigations are underway,” the Portland Police spokesperson added.

PPB hasn’t requested information from witnesses; however if you have information and perhaps video pertaining to this case, please e-emailing it to, and reference Case No. 23-333153.

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Troubling 2023 Shooting Statistics

When asked about shootings and shooting investigations this year, Sergeant Allen promptly provided this information, noting that it was a preliminary tally. “We’re providing these statistics with the caveat that these numbers have not been confirmed by a Crime Analyst. So, they are considered preliminary and the final figures may change slightly as additional reports are entered and/or duplicates are removed.”

There have been 989 shooting incidents (not including suicide attempts), Sergeant Allen informed East Portland News. Of those incidents, 272 involved one or more people injured by gunfire. All told, 312 people were injured or killed by shootings (again, not including suicides or officer involved shootings).

Asked how many shooting homicides were investigated in Portland in 2023, Sergeant Allen replied, “Of the 74 homicides in Portland this year, 61 were shootings. These numbers include two shooting deaths that happened in the jurisdiction of the Port of Portland Police.”

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