‘Spring Fling’ prequels the coming Montavilla Street Fair

Take a look at this fun outer East Portland family celebration, put on by the Montavilla East Tabor Business Association as a ‘warm up’ for their big Street Fair on July 28th …

There’s lots of family fun at this year’s Spring Fling Block Party in Montavilla.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Introducing the neighborhood’s outdoor events this summer, the Montavilla East Tabor Business Association (METBA) held its annual Spring Fling Block Party on June 1 – but not where it usually is.

This year, instead of holding it in the SE 79th Avenue Street Plaza, organizers opted to host it in Rocket Empire Machine‘s parking lot — along NE 70th Avenue, from Glisan to Hoyt Streets.

Enjoying the afternoon are METBA’s Tina Granzo and Amy Reaney, with Shane Reaney Studios.

“We’re having a wonderful time here at the METBA annual Spring Fling Block Party,” exclaimed past METBA President and Board Member Tina Granzo, of City Beautiful Design.

“As you’ve noticed, today is first time we’re having this on NE Glisan Street, because we’ve often had events on SE Stark Street,” explained Granzo. “So we decided do something a bit bigger here than would fit in the Street Plaza – and, right here is still as much ‘Montavilla’ as is any other place in our business district!”

Even though it was a summerlike warm afternoon, the attitude of those attending – mostly bringing along their families – was definitely “chill” as they enjoyed the day.

-3 Browsing the vendors is one the main activities at this event.

Many visitors browsed the vendors, which included Stark Adornments wearable art, and a Board Bard Games selection of entertainment supplies. Shane Reaney Studios and Xtina OnFire Ceramics sold handcrafted pottery. DolFUN Dynamics had a mini-gym set up for kids, and told about their swimming and gymnastics programs; and OnPoint Credit Union was on hand, while Tyrell Givens of 2025th Street hosted a video-game-inspired arts and crafts session.

“It sure looks like people are happy here, and the businesses are doing well,” Granzo observed. “In a way, this event is like a ‘warm up’ for our major signature event, the Montavilla Street Fair, which is coming up on Sunday, July 28th, throughout ‘downtown’ Montavilla, along SE Stark Street.”

Musically entertaining, here’s Hannah of Hannah Glavor Music. She’s being presented by nonprofit Curbside Serenade.

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Although they’ve already closed vendor applications for this year’s Street Fair, find out more about the Montavilla East Tabor Business Association by visiting their official website: CLICK HERE.

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