Spooks again take over western town, in Parkrose

See ghosts, goblins, and the ‘living dead’ again creeping around Rossi Farm. Find out why they’ve ‘brought back the dead’ this year …

Folks line up outside the Parkrose Haunted Ghost Town – ready to be scared by the creatures which lurk within.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
After “resting in peace” for a couple of years, the Haunted Ghost Town returned to Rossi Farms for four days centered on the weekend before Halloween.

Both adults and kids lined up to walk through the attraction. It featured a corn maze, a haunted western ghost town – complete with real, live ghosts – and the experience of a haunted gold mine. Visitors dodged a “spirit locomotive” and ducked as imaginary bullets flew in the town’s darkened streets.

Welcoming guests to the Haunted Ghost Town are Gabrielle Rossi, Parkrose High Choral Instructor Lesley Bossert, and Graham Rossi.

Joe Rossi pauses for a moment with gunslinger Tom Mannen of the Turkey Creek Desperados, as another fright night gets underway.

“We had an available time this year for the Haunted Ghost Town,” acknowledged Joe Rossi to East Portland News on the evening of the October 26 shows.

“I’m excited we’re doing it again this year,” Rossi added. “The Parkrose Baseball Team asked for help in creating a fundraiser. Parkrose High Choir, Thespians, and Parkrose Girl’s Baseball, are also volunteering with us this year.”

The tender of the Haunted Mine tells folks to duck, as crates start falling down into the pathway.

Inside the haunted Old Parkrose Saloon, players with Turkey Creek Desperados get ready to cause a ruckus that makes visitors scurry along their way.

A lot of people the community said that they really missed this,” noted Rossi. “So we brought it back. A lot of kids tell me that they remember going into the haunted ghost town in the past and how much fun it was.”

Rossi looked around, and mused, “Everyone’s laughing and having a good time. It’s a fun community event, isn’t it? It’s one of those things that builds happy memories for young kids.”

Parkrose High drama students say that acting out at the Haunted Ghost Town gives them the opportunity to sharpen their improvisational acting skills.

As visitors head into the Haunted Ghost Town buildings, they’re warned, “Touch nothing, and you will not be touched!”

Every few minutes, the stillness of the night was broken with guests’ shrieks and laughs, as they navigated their way through the spooky scenes.

“In all, we were pleased that more than 600 people came during our four-day run,” Rossi smiled. “We hope they had as much fun as we did, putting it on this year.”

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