Speeding SUV crashes and rolls, in Lents

Here’s what’s known about this outer East Portland two-vehicle smashup which sent one person to the hospital …

After clipping the front end of this delivery van, a Mitsubishi Montero SUV – reportedly speeding past Lents Park – flips and rolls over.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

After an SUV collided with a delivery van, flipped, and rolled over, on September 12 at about 1:30 p.m., on SE 92nd Avenue just south of Steele Street, emergency first-responders were quick to respond.

With their station house only two blocks away, Portland Fire & Rescue Station 11’s Engine and Rescue companies were at the crash scene within moments after the dispatch.

Arriving moments after the crash, firefighters pull the injured driver from the wreckage of this SUV.

“I was about to cross the street, taking my daughter to the Lents Park playground, when this SUV came zooming past, and hit a big delivery van, spinning it around,” neighbor Bonny McVickers told East Portland News.

According to a Portland Police Bureau East Precinct district officer, the preliminary investigation points to a Mitsubishi Montero having been driven southbound on 92nd Avenue apparently at a high rate of speed, as it approached SE Steele Street.

With a trauma injury patient now safely inside, this ambulance heads for a hospital.

At that moment, the driver of a Ford Transit delivery van inched out westbound, to cross SE 92nd on Steele Street, when its front passenger side corner was clipped by the speeding Mitsubishi.

The impact skidded the front end of the heavy delivery van 90? around to the south; the Mitsubishi swerved, flipped, and rolled up on the east-side parking strip on SE 92nd Avenue, before coming to a stop.

With a sturdy cable attached, a wrecker begins rolling over the smashed up SUV.

Firefighters were able to extricate the victim without the use of power rescue tools; the driver was taken to OHSU with traumatic injuries, where her condition is unreported. The driver of the delivery van was shaken, but not seriously injured in the crash.

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