Speeding car in skidding smashup on S.E. Flavel Street

This accident leaves witnesses are still wondering why this mishap took place. See why they think the outcome could have been much worse …

Where SE Flavel Drive turns into SE Mt. Scott Boulevard, emergency first responders gather after a single-car accident.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Police, fire, and medical first-responders were called to the edge of the Lents neighborhood for a single car wreck reported at 2:03 p.m. on February 3.

“This red car flew past here, skidded, bounced off the guardrail, and then crashed into a light pole,” eyewitness Jimmy Rogan told East Portland News near the outer East Portland TriMet MAX Green Line Light Rail Station at SE Flavel Street, a block east of SE 92nd Avenue.

A witness says the car hit this guardrail, before skidding across the street.

Police close down traffic, while they investigate this unusual car wreck.

A TriMet security officer and bus operator were talking about what they’d just witnessed moments before.

“I saw a red four-door car going eastbound on SE Flavel Street,” the officer recalled. “It was going at least 50 miles an hour. We looked at each other and said we could not imagine how he would make the curve just [east] of the I-205 overpass.”

Walking into the area, it became clear to East Portland News that the reportedly-speeding car had bounced off the guardrail near the entrance of the Mt. Scott Church of God, caromed across the street, hit the curb, and rolled – taking down a wooden utility pole.

Officials look at the smashed car. To the right is the stump of the utility pole, and also parts that flew off the car during the crash.

Portland Fire & Rescue paramedics from Engine 11 checked out the occupants, the male adult driver, and a child passenger – and found no serious injuries.

As might be imagined, the driver spent considerable time talking with Portland Police Bureau East Precinct officers at the scene. It is unknown if the driver was suspected of being impaired, or whether or not he was cited because of the wreck. It has not yet been disclosed how he might have explained his speed as he took the turn.

The adult and child occupants look uninjured after the wreck – in far better condition the vehicle in which they were riding.

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