SMILE! You’re on red-light camera!

Outer East Portland citizens have been given two more opportunities to have their photo taken – for only $245 per picture. See where these handy “outdoor photo booths” are now working …

Drivers who speed through this intersection on a yellow light had better take heed! By late August, police will issue tickets to those who blow the read light!

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Lead-footed, red-light-running drivers in the Gateway shopping area: beware! The City of Portland has installed two new “red-light cameras” along SE Stark Street. And, they’re up and running.

The new red-light cameras are on SE Stark at 99th Avenue, and on SE Stark at 102nd Avenue.

The system camera systems were put into operation on August 7, according to Portland Office of Transportation’s Greg Raisman.

SNAP! This car didn’t heed the traffic control signal – and will be sent warning ticket while the red-light photo system is being tested.

“During a two-week test period,” Raisman told us, “Portland Police will be checking the violation photos and mailing warning letters to vehicles and drivers that would have been issued a citation.”

But, don’t press your luck. Beginning August 21, scofflaws will receive a $245 fine when the newly-installed cameras flash drivers’ photographs as they run red lights. The photos will generate a citation.

“Basically, the camera cannot take a picture unless a vehicle enters the intersection after the light is red,” assured Raisman. “Each photograph is reviewed by a Police officer to ensure there is evidence of a violation before a citation is issued.”

The red-light camera program is administered jointly by the Portland Police Bureau and the Portland Office of Transportation.

For all the details about how the system works – and why the City of Portland believes these devices will increase safety – CLICK HERE to read our February, 2008 article about outer East Portland’s first red-light camera.

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