Six shootings in 23 hours; bullets still flying in outer East Portland

Week 60 Shooting Report | From Lents to Mill Park to Parkrose, criminals keep firing their guns. Fortunately this week, no one here was shot to death …

Across outer East Portland, shots continue to ring out, summoning officers to investigate.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

For the 60th consecutive week, there are stories for us to report regarding violent people shooting guns in our neighborhoods.

Since the last Shooting Report, 38 more “Shots Fired” calls were logged – and we’re counting only those in the outer East Portland neighborhoods.

A total of ten “Shooting – with Weapon” incidents sent Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers to investigate all across the city; six of these calls were in our neighborhoods in the last seven days – and in one unfortunately a service dog was killed. Sadly, in the four calls outside our area, people were wounded.

August 31 at 12:12 p.m.
Bullets again fly along the I-205 Multi-Use Path, in Lents

Shootings continue along the I-205 Multi-Use Path, bringing officers to investigate.

On August 12, along the I-205 Multi-Use Path south of SE Holgate Boulevard – it connects to the Springwater Corridor Trail – a man was seriously wounded in an encampment there.

Then, on August 31, PPB East Precinct officers were dispatched to the I-205 Multi-Use Path, 14 blocks to the south of the earlier call, for another shooting – this one at the eastern dead end of SE Cooper Street.

Officers located multiple cartridge casings in the area of an “encampment” at this location. No known victims or related property damage were reported. This is Case No. 2021-242431.

August 31 at 12:12 p.m.
Officers look into Parkrose shooting

In the Parkrose neighborhood, near NE 101st Avenue and Sandy Boulevard, officers responded to a shooting report.

While officers did find evidence of shooting, they didn’t find any victims. This is Case No. 2021-242647.

August 31 at 7:40 p.m.
Shooting in Mill Park kills service dog

At the first of two calls that evening, officers investigate a shooting call in the Mill Park neighborhood.

This shooting call brought officers to SE 122nd Avenue near Market Street.

“Officers located crime scene which consisted of multiple cartridge casings,” reported PPB Public Information Officer Sgt. Kevin Allen. “They located an intended victim, who was not injured. However, his service dog was struck – and succumbed to gunfire-related injuries.”

The PPB’s Enhanced Community Safety Team (ECST) arrived to investigate. This is Case No. 2021-242798.

August 31 at 9:40 p.m.
No victims found in another Mill Park shooting

Two hours later, and three streets to the south, of the previous Mill Park neighborhood call, officers were sent to look into a “disturbance which ended with a shooting”, as a police official put it, also along SE 122nd Avenue, this time at Stephens Street.

After investigating, officers found no victims or related property damage. This is Case No. 2021-242906.

September 1 at 4:25 a.m.
Much evidence found at Mt. Scott-Arleta shooting

Officers look into this shooting, that left behind a lot of evidence; but fortunately, no injuries or deaths.

In a repeat of an August 12 shooting incident – in which investigators located “evidence of gunfire, and found bullet strikes to an occupied home in the vicinity” – PPB East Precinct officers were again called to the spot just east of Mt. Scott City Park.

When, on September 1, they again pulled up along SE 74th Avenue at Reedway Street, they quickly located a crime scene. “Officers found more than 20 bullet cartridge casings; and they determined that an unoccupied vehicle, and an area residence, had been stuck by gunfire,” Sgt. Allen reported.

“There were no known injuries,” he added. This is Case No. #2021-243106.

September 1 at 11:46 a.m.
Another I-205 Multi-Use Path shooting call

Again, along the I-205 Multi-Use Path, officers check out homeless camps, searching for evidence of a shooting.

Officers were again called to the same “campground” as the shooting call the day before, along the I-205 Multi-Use Path near SE Cooper Street.

“There was not a confirmed shooting at this incident,” said Sgt. Allen. “The officers spent a great deal of time looking for a victim, but were not able to make contact.

“But, it’s safe to say whatever took place, it’s not believed to have happened at that location; the area was thoroughly checked,” Sgt. Allen commented. This is Case No. #2021-243394.

Shooting calls strain resources
“These incidents required significant numbers of officers, sergeants, detectives, and criminalists to investigate, and drained resources on East and North Precincts,” Sgt. Allen reminded. “Detectives are asking for witnesses or anyone who might have heard anything or have video to reach out by e-mailing and referencing and include the corresponding case number.”

Alternatively, anonymous tips can be sent through Crime Stoppers – and you may earn cash rewards of up to $2,500 cash for information, reported to Crime Stoppers, that leads to an arrest in any unsolved felony crime. And tipsters can remain anonymous. CLICK HERE open their reporting page.

Shooting crimes: Not on Portland City Council’s agenda
What is your Portland City Council members doing to stop violent people from committing gun crimes this week?

Portland Police Commissioner, and Mayor Ted Wheeler, and the other commissioners will be meeting just one day this week, on Tuesday, September 7. CLICK HERE to see the “emergency” issues under consideration. Hint: None of them have to do with increasing public safety in outer East Portland.

And, there are no meetings Portland City Council on September 8 or 9. Reason: “No meeting due to lack of agenda”.

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