Shots still fired: One shooting kills man in Argay Terrace

Week #83 Shooting Report | The death toll keeps rising, as violent persons use guns to kill outer East Portland residents. Another wounded man was take to the hospital. And, there still lots of shots being fired in our neighborhoods …

Portland Police Bureau officers investigate a second gunshot murder, a little over a month after the New Year’s Day shooting, here in the Argay Terrace neighborhood, just south of NE Sandy Boulevard.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

At Portland City Hall, the continuing carnage on outer East Portland streets seems to escape elected officials.

Homicide detectives investigate a fatal shooting in Argay Terrace

Another person died of a gunshot wound this week, again in the Argay Terrace neighborhood; this man perished on February 5.

The location: A half-block south of where Portland’s first gunshot murder took place, just two hours after 2022 began, on January 1. East Portland News was there as the investigation unfolded; to read about it, CLICK HERE.

Officers from East Precinct race north to secure the crime scene, to help North Precinct officers who were stretched thin due to other shootings.

Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers were dispatched to the area of NE 131st Place at Prescott Drive on a “SHOOTING – WITH WEAPON” call.

Because most of the North Precinct officers were assigned to other calls, including another injury shooting, East Precinct officers came to assist.
When officers arrived, they soon found a man clearly suffering gunshot wounds.

The investigation into this deadly shooting continues throughout the night.

Thanks to their training, officers used emergency medic skills by putting a tourniquet on the man’s leg in an attempt to control the profuse bleeding.

Portland Fire & Rescue and ambulance paramedics arrived to continue lifesaving measures; the victim was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where he later died.

As at the January 1 deadly shooting, officers closed off the area around the apartment building to begin an investigation. Soon, the PPB Homicide Unit arrived at the crime scene to sift through evidence and to conduct door-to-door interviews with neighbors.

Officials say this man, 44-year-old Corey M. Eady, died as a result of gunshot wounds. Family provided photo

Later that day, PPB officials identified the deceased as 44-year-old Corey M. Eady. The Oregon State Medical Examiner conducted an autopsy and determined the cause of his death to be caused by a gunshot wound, and the manner was homicide.
While no arrests have been made, the investigation is continuing.

If you have information about this case, please contact Detective Travis Law | 503-823-0395; or, Detective Ryan Foote | 503-823-0781. Mention that this regarding Case No. 22-33479.

Shooting victim seeks help at hospital

During the afternoon, another daytime shooting victim is brought into the Emergency Department for treatment.

The following afternoon, on February 6, a gunshot victim was brought by private vehicle to Adventist Medical Center for treatment.

As required by law, Emergency Department staff reported this to the PPB. Officers, who were dispatched to the hospital at 3:04 p.m. that afternoon, learned little from the victim about the shooting, the suspect, or the location, which all too often is the situation.

If you can shed light on this shooting, send the information by to; be sure to reference Case No. 22-34731.


Traveling swiftly, from one reported shooting to another – like this robbery/shooting call on February 5 at 11:10 p.m., along East Burnside Street at NE 148th Avenue – officers are kept busy trying to keep a lid on violence.

PPB officers were dispatched on 39 “Shots Fired” calls in our neighborhoods. However, it was a busy week for Portland officers outside of our area; they were sent out on 41 such calls. At these incidents, investigating officers may, or may not, find any damage, victim, or evidence of shooting.

February 2
22-31250         02/02/2022 20:35:44   SE 148TH AVE / E BURNSIDE ST

22-31263         02/02/2022 20:53:54   2000 Block of SE 143RD AVE
22-31362         02/02/2022 23:38:00   17100 Block of SE JULIANO CT

February 3
22-31415         02/03/2022 01:27:17   NE 100TH AVE / NE IRVING ST

22-31427         02/03/2022 01:56:13   13300 Block of SE POWELL BLVD
22-32112         02/03/2022 18:10:07   100 Block of SE 106TH AVE
22-32113         02/03/2022 18:11:47   3200 Block of SE 118TH AVE
22-32245         02/03/2022 20:58:37   6600 Block of NE BROADWAY
22-32329         02/03/2022 22:39:32   NE 162ND AVE / NE RUSSELL ST
22-04290         02/03/2022 23:36:56   17400 Block of SE STARK ST

February 4
22-32469         02/04/2022 02:32:00   15800 Block of SE STARK ST

22-32540         02/04/2022 06:01:18   4000 Block of SE 63RD AVE
22-32717         02/04/2022 10:04:25   17000 Block of SE MADISON ST
22-32112         02/03/2022 18:10:07   100 Block of SE 106TH AVE
22-32113         02/03/2022 18:11:47   3200 Block of SE 118TH AVE
22-33184         02/04/2022 19:38:08   SE JENNE RD / SE MCKINLEY RD
22-33220         02/04/2022 20:15:58   12000 Block of SE SCHILLER ST
22-33341         02/04/2022 23:01:37   SE 122ND AVE / SE POWELL BLVD

February 5
22-33393         02/05/2022 00:00:37   16700 Block of SE DIVISION ST

22-33433         02/05/2022 00:51:46   5500 Block of NE 60TH AVE
22-33560         02/05/2022 05:53:29   4200 Block of SE 136TH AVE
22-33701         02/05/2022 10:32:00   9400 Block of NE CASCADES PKWY
22-34088         02/05/2022 19:55:35   SE 122ND AVE / SE DIVISION ST
22-34231         02/05/2022 23:17:20   6200 Block of NE 78TH CT

February 6
22-34386         02/06/2022 04:03:41   4500 Block of SE 87TH AVE

22-04593         02/06/2022 04:29:13   17700 Block of NE SACRAMENTO ST
22-34819         02/06/2022 17:14:33   7000 Block of NE WYGANT ST
22-34867         02/06/2022 18:41:43   2400 Block of SE 84TH AVE
22-34904         02/06/2022 19:18:47   SE 60TH AVE / SE SALMON ST
22-35048         02/06/2022 22:45:44   9600 Block of SE GLENWOOD ST

February 7
22-35537         02/07/2022 13:36:55   SE 105TH AVE / SE REX ST

22-35817         02/07/2022 20:28:21   13100 Block of SE GLADSTONE CT
22-35841         02/07/2022 21:03:43   5000 Block of SE 70TH AVE
22-35848         02/07/2022 21:10:05   15300 Block of NE SANDY BLVD
22-35856         02/07/2022 21:19:53   10400 Block of SE BUSH ST
22-35916         02/07/2022 22:57:21   SE 168TH AVE / SE POWELL BLVD

February 8
22-36024         02/08/2022 01:58:25   SE 131ST AVE / SE POWELL BLVD

22-36099         02/08/2022 05:36:17   14700 Block of NE COUCH ST
22-36573         02/08/2022 14:09:20   900 Block of NE 80TH AVE

And still, members of the Portland City Council, including the Portland Commissioner of Police, Mayor Ted Wheeler, remain silent – as what is already the 11th gunshot murder of 2022 took place, once again in outer East Portland.

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