Shootings resound across outer East Portland, including at police

Week #95 Shooting Report | WITH 2 VIDEOS | 13 PHOTOS | UPDATED x2 | A shootout with police, injury shootings, a SERT call-out, and many ‘SHOTS FIRED’ calls make for another violent week in our neighborhoods …

This week, the Portland Police Bureau and its specialty units responded to shooting call-outs in the Roseway (just west of NE 82nd Avenue), Mill Park, Lents, Powellhurst-Gilbert, and Hazelwood neighborhoods.

Story, photos and video by David F. Ashton

After officers are dispatched to shooting call after call – and being shot at while on duty – one wonders if those who signed up for the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) specialty units, the Enhanced Community Safety Team (ECST) and Focused Intervention Team (FIT), could be reconsidering their career choice.

But: “Not so,” said a FIT officer at an incident this week – commenting to East Portland News. “Speaking for myself, I believe that what we’re doing is absolutely essential for the safety of our community.”

While several people were seriously wounded in outer East Portland shootings this week, so far none of them have died.

Two murders in two days

Less than six miles west of outer East Portland, two people die in shootings.

But outside of our area, there were eight (8) major shooting incidents – to which emergency medical responders were also dispatched – and two of them resulted in homicides:

May 6, 2022 at 3:21a.m. – A working security guard, identified as 22-year-old SirCharles Marc Anthony Jones, was shot and killed while in a vehicle, by an unknown assailant along South River Parkway near Moody Street. That’s in the South Portland Riverfront District.

May 8 at 11:43 p.m. – As a “drum circle” was disbanding along the Eastbank Esplanade near the Hawthorne Bridge crossing, 25-year-old Wyatt Storm Belcher allegedly walked up behind one of the participants, Ashley M. Smith, and shot her in the back of the head. Belcher is now in custody, held without bail, on first degree murder charges.

Suspect shoots at FIT officers – UPDATED

Just west of NE 82nd Avenue of Roses, on Mason Street, the PPB Mobile Command Center provides logistical support as a shooting investigation gets underway.

May 6, 2022 at 9:12 p.m., two officers assigned to the Focused Intervention Team (FIT) were on patrol when they conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for multiple violations, a block north of NE Sandy Boulevard at 78th Avenue and Mason Street.

Watch, as investigators look for evidence and document this crime scene:

“Detectives have confirmed that there was an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and four FIT officers,” PPB Public Information Officer Sergeant Kevin Allen disclosed.

As the incident unfolded, as many as 33 PPB officers, including detectives, were dispatched to the area.

“During the incident it was initially believed that an officer was struck by gunfire; but after being assessed, it was determined he had not been shot,” Sgt. Allen added.

PPB Homicide Division, FIT officers, and Forensic Division specialists examine the location where a shootout took place.

A semiautomatic handgun was seized as evidence as part of the investigation, which continued until past midnight.

The adult male suspect was taken to a local hospital by ambulance with life-threatening injuries. Sgt. Allen said that the suspect remains in the hospital with critical injuries — however he will not be identified until after he is charged with a crime.


The suspect was much later identified as 37-year-old Matthew Ronald Leahey was booked into the MCDC on May 27 at 10:41 a.m. on multiple felony charges, including two counts of Attempted Aggravated Murder, and held without bail.

On June 5, 2023, it was announced by the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office that Leahey entered a guilty plea for shooting at police officers following a traffic stop.

As part of his agreement, Leahey pleaded guilty to four charges: Two counts of Attempted Aggravated Murder; One count of Unlawful Use of a Weapon with a Firearm; and One count of Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

Sentencing was scheduled for June 8, 2023 in front of Judge Thomas Ryan. At that sentencing hearing, Leahey was sentenced to 180 months in prison. 

As many as 26 yellow evidence markers indicate where spent bullet casings landed.

Per policy, the Portland Police Homicide Unit came to the scene of this officer-involved shooting to investigate. If you have information about this incident and has not already spoken to police, please contact Detective Jeff Sharp at 503-823-9773 or Detective Rico Beniga at 503-823-0457 and refer to Case No. 22-120339.

Bullets fly in Mill Park street shooting

Northbound SE 117th Avenue is closed off while a shooting investigation gets underway.

On May 11 at 1:41 p.m. officers were dispatched to a “Suspicious-with Weapon” report along SE 117th Avenue a half-block north of Division Street, which turned into another daytime shooting investigation.

After the first officers pulled up, seven minutes after being dispatched, they found abundant “evidence of shots fired” in the west side of the street. After calling for backup, 16 officers joined them.

An officers glances at the numerous yellow evidence markers covering spent bullet shells.

In the southbound lane of the street a white older-model Lexus was stopped, its front bumper partially torn off.

Members of the PPB’s FIT and ECST squads were called to the scene.

At  this time, Portland Police have not yet provided information regarding this shooting; we’ll update the story when details become available. This is Case No. 22-124680.

Shots fired in Lents triggers SERT callout

Where the Springwater Corridor Trail crosses SE Flavel Street, officers prepare to confront an armed suspect.

Earlier on May 11, Portland Police received multiple calls about a man on to SE Flavel Street, just west of the Springwater Corridor Trail crossing, who was reportedly armed with a handgun and had threatened to kill himself – and also kill police.

It’s not known if this person was housed, or was camping along the trail. However, officers did make an effort to offer him assistance, as did Project Respond mental health clinicians. Unsuccessful at contacting the person, officers decided to attempt contact with him again at some other time.

The PPB’s armored SERT van rolls into position as officers prepare to take a man, with a gun, into custody.

The time for that second attempt at contact turned out to be 9:14 p.m. that very evening, after several more “Shots Fired” calls from neighbors came in at the 9-1-1 Center.

When officers returned they learned that the same person from earlier in the day was shot, and down in the street.

See a now-disarmed, wounded suspect inserted into an ambulance, and watch as officers comb the area for evidence:

“Officers learned that the suspect had fired a shot at a passing Ford Fusion SE V6; and, at some point, the suspect himself was injured by gunfire as well,” said Sgt. Allen.

Officers established a 30-square-block perimeter to prevent anyone else from being injured, and the Incident Commander issued a “shelter in place warning” via the PublicAlerts system.

Because the man was still armed, the PPB’s Special Emergency Reaction Team (SERT) and the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) were called back to the scene.

And, some of the 37 units that responded this time included five K9 Police Dog teams, the Air Support Unit’s “eye-in-the-sky”, the Focused Intervention Team, and the Enhanced Community Safety Team.

The circumstances by which the suspect was shot is not known. Here, he’s being medically stabilized by paramedics, before being put into an ambulance for a trip to a hospital.

At 10:29 p.m., SERT officers were able to approach the subject, using ballistic armor shields, and take him into custody. The subject, an adult male, could be heard screaming from a block away as he was loaded into an ambulance and taken to a local hospital, where he is currently in police custody.

“It’s unclear how the man was shot,” Sgt. Allen informed. “He will be[publicly] identified after he is charged with a crime.”

This is the Ruger P89 9mm semiautomatic handgun that was seized as evidence.

Yellow evidence markers showing the location of spent bullet casings are dotted next to this Ford Fusion SE sedan.

The victim in the car, an adult male, was not seriously injured, but received cuts from flying glass. No other victims were located.

On May 16, after he was released from medical care, police identified the suspect in this incident is identified as 29-year-old Kalin Anthony Duffee.

> Why no booking photo? CLICK HERE to learn why Oregon lawmakers made sure that you are not permitted to see the face of an arrested and booked suspect, such as Duffee.

After being discharged from the hospital Duffee  was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) on May 15 at 6:35 p.m. on charges of Attempted Murder in the Second Degree, Assault in the Second Degree, Unlawful Use of a Weapon, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. Currently, Duffee is lodged in the MCDC in lieu of $507,500 combined bail.

If you heave information about this case, please contact  Attn: ECST and reference Case No. 22-124957.

More shootings this week

Every day of the week, officers and detectives arrive to investigate shootings.

We’ve asked for any information available about these “Shooting-with Weapon” calls, to which emergency medical first responders were also dispatched. Due to the number of murders, shootings, and major police callouts this week, the PPB Communications staff has not been able to gather more information. Here is what is known:

May 6 at 5:10 p.m.
Shooting-with-Weapon call in Powellhurst-Gilbert
Nine PPB units were dispatched to this incident, reported on SE Powell Boulevard at 130th Avenue. This is Incident No. 22-120166.

May 8 at 1:34 a.m.
Hazelwood Shooting-with-Weapon call
This early morning call set six PPB units to SE Division Street at 130th Avenue. This is Incident No. 22-121353.

May 8 at 3:43 a.m.
Second Shooting-with-Weapon call in Hazelwood
About three hours later, eight PPB units were sent to SE 135th Avenue, just south of Yamhill Street – directly across the David Douglas High School’s North Campus. This is Incident No. 22-121430.

May 8 at 1:21 p.m.
Third Hazelwood Shooting-with-Weapon call
This time, three PPB units were dispatched to a call on SE 136th Avenue at East Burnside Street. This is Incident No. 22-121782.

May 9 at 11:23 p.m.
Shooting victim arrives at hospital
After the victim of a shooting arrived at the Adventist Medical Center Emergency Department by private vehicle, staff notified Portland Police, as required by law. The victim was uncooperative with investigating officers. This is Incident No. 22-43883.

Eyewitnesses or video evidence are crucial in solving such cases, ECST investigators say. If you or anyone you know has information about a shooting case, please contact Or tips can be sent to Crime Stoppers of Oregon, and perhaps receive cash rewards of up to $2,500.


Holding steady at 31 “Shots Fired” calls this week, about half of these dispatches, city-wide, were in outer East Portland. Although they investigate each one, officers often don’t actually find “evidence of shooting”.

May 4
22-118518       05/04/2022 23:06:39   7200 Block of SE WOODSTOCK BLVD

May 5
22-118561       05/05/2022 00:02:04   NE 162ND AVE / NE SANDY BLVD

22-118616       05/05/2022 02:09:08   13500 Block of SE STEELE ST
22-119324       05/05/2022 20:02:11   9200 Block of SE COOPER ST
22-119366       05/05/2022 20:39:09   4500 Block of NE 99TH AVE
22-016547       05/05/2022 20:57:43   17400 Block of SE ALDER ST
22-119509       05/05/2022 23:27:21   2400 Block of SE 135TH AVE

May 6
22-119689       05/06/2022 04:34:15   4200 Block of SE 82ND AVE

22-119797       05/06/2022 08:30:51   6900 Block of SE 65TH AVE
22-119909       05/06/2022 10:36:22   11200 Block of SE FLAVEL ST
22-16645         05/06/2022 16:20:34   17600 Block of SE BROOKLYN ST
22-120373       05/06/2022 22:20:28   SE 74TH AVE / SE POWELL BLVD

May 7
22-120436       05/07/2022 00:10:06   1500 Block of SE 139TH AVE

22-120502       05/07/2022 02:36:03   400 Block of SE 157TH AVE
22-120582       05/07/2022 05:24:27   5500 Block of SE FLAVEL ST
22-121068       05/07/2022 18:20:43   7500 Block of NE PACIFIC ST

May 8
22-121310       05/08/2022 00:29:16   13500 Block of NE WHITAKER WAY

22-121345       05/08/2022 01:26:36   11700 Block of SE OAK ST
22-121441       05/08/2022 03:42:52   1900 Block of SE 122ND AVE
22-122131       05/08/2022 21:48:50   10700 Block of NE WEIDLER ST
22-16945         05/08/2022 22:57:07   17400 Block of NE HALSEY ST

May 9
22-122385       05/09/2022 06:48:02   7800 Block of NE PRESCOTT ST

22-122740       05/09/2022 15:35:26   7400 Block of SE KNIGHT ST
22-122778       05/09/2022 16:22:48   16300 Block of SE DIVISION ST
22-123015       05/09/2022 20:54:00   12100 Block of SE DIVISION ST

May 10
22-123228       05/10/2022 02:32:18   14600 Block of SE TAYLOR CT

22-123248       05/10/2022 03:27:55   5800 Block of NE PRESCOTT ST
22-123440       05/10/2022 10:17:50   7300 Block of NE COLUMBIA BLVD
22-123902       05/10/2022 20:32:34   NE 92ND AVE / NE SACRAMENTO ST

May 11
22-124094       05/11/2022 00:30:51   4000 Block of SE 122ND AVE

22-124106       05/11/2022 00:52:32   2200 Block of NE 102ND AVE

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Isn’t it a sad commentary on how dangerous our city has become – when a week, like this one has been – is not an exception in outer East Portland; but instead, it’s currently thought of as normal?

East Portland News will keep covering public safety issues, and we’ll be back next Friday night with Shooting Report Week #96 – no doubt with more tragic stories.

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