Shootings, and a gunfire homicide, surge back into outer East Portland

Week #111 Shooting Report | Another shooting murder, more gunfire injuries, and increased ‘Shots Fired’ calls are all part of this week’s report. Plus, when Mayor Wheeler uses foul language against his Police Chief, while a controversial Portland Commissioner cheers

Again this week, officers are called to Centennial, Hazelwood, Montavilla and Roseway on deadly outer East Portland shooting calls.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

There was a week of relative gunfire quiescence across the City of Portland last week — but this week is a different story: Two shooting murders – one in Centennial, the other in the Eliot neighborhood – more individuals wounded by gunfire, and 36 “Shots Fired” calls.

From August 27 through August 29, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers responded to calls in which two people were killed and nine people injured across the city – and three of the wounded were in outer East Portland.

>> And, read on to learn about PPB Chief Chuck Lovell being verbally battered by his boss, Portland’s Police Commissioner, Mayor Ted Wheeler for accurately presenting the State of his Bureau – to the apparent delight of Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, who flashed “jazz hands” – and then danced in her seat, while Chief Lovell was being berated.

August 28
Man shot and killed in Centennial

After dark, police find the victim of yet another shooting in the Centennial Community Association neighborhood.

This week’s outer East Portland shooting homicide took place on SE 148th Avenue, about a block south of Stark Street. PPB officers were dispatched on August 28, at 9:32 p.m.

When they arrived, officers found a man who’d been shot, and was apparently dead. Paramedics arriving shortly after the officers confirmed that the victim was deceased.

The PPB Homicide Unit detectives responded to investigate. So far, no suspect information has been released; and the shooting victim is still unidentified.

Contact Detective Jason Koenig at (503) 823-0889 or Detective Michael Greenlee at  (503) 823-0871, with any information you might have – and refer to Case No. 22-232231.

August 28
North Portland shooting death

Also on August 28 at 10:57 p.m., PPB officers from North Precinct were dispatched to an overdose call at 15 Northeast Broadway, near the parking lot of the Jackson’s Food Store. When officers arrived, they found a man who was actually suffering from a gunshot wound. The man was confirmed dead by medical personnel at the scene. This is Case No. 22-232298.

September 2
Shooting death in Roseway

Officers and detectives start coming into the Roseway neighborhood to investigate another shooting homicide.

At 7:21 a.m. on September 2, PPB North Precinct were dispatched to NE 65th Avenue, between NE Beech and Failing streets on a “Shooting-with Weapon” call.

At that location, officers found an adult male, deceased. As this is being written, PPB Homicide Division detectives and criminalists from the Forensic Evidence Division are at the scene collecting evidence.

PPB officials had nothing to say about this gunshot murder, other than, “There is no ongoing risk to the public. This is Case No. 22-236507.

August 28 – Two shootings
Shootings cause injuries in Centennial and Hazelwood

About 18 hours before – and about two blocks away – from the gunfire murder in Centennial, later on August 28, police look for evidence after a woman is found shot.

August 28 at 3:55 a.m. – Centennial

PPB East Precinct officers were sent to the western edge of the Centennial neighborhood for a “Disturbance-with Weapon” report in the 14900 Block of SE Powell Boulevard. “Information was very convoluted, but we determined that a female, shot in the leg, was inside a vehicle outside the residence; officers also learned the suspect might be still inside the house,” a PPB spokesperson said.

“A plan was formulated to do a rescue of the female and bring her to a waiting ambulance. Officers and sergeants approached the residence and, upon arrival, encountered two males outside the residence, along with the wounded female inside the car.

Officers watch as an ambulance prepares to take the wounded woman to a local hospital.

“Officers placed a tourniquet on the victim’s leg and evacuated her in a patrol car to an ambulance staged nearby, and was taken to a local hospital with a wound believed to be non-life-threatening,” the police official continued. “Officers then detained the two males, and two more females inside the residence.”

So far no arrests have been announced; the case was referred to the Enhanced Community Safety Team (ECST). This is Case No. 22-231561.

August 28 at 9:20 p.m. – Hazelwood

In the Hazelwood neighborhood, the evening of August 28, officers were sent to the area of TriMet’s Park-and-Ride at SE 122nd Avenue and East Burnside Street for a “Shooting-with Weapon” call. There, they located a man and a woman, both with gunshot wounds.

The woman was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The man was taken by ambulance to a local hospital as a trauma injury. The assailant has yet to be identified. This is Case No. 22-232225.

August 29
Montavilla shooting suspect arrested, then set free

Packing materials from officers’ Individual First Aid Kits are left behind on the pavement at the shooting scene in Montavilla where officers used them to keep a shooting victim from bleeding to death on the street.

In this case, officers were dispatched on August 29 at 6:04 p.m. to a “Shooting-with Weapon” call at the intersection of NE 80th Avenue and Clackamas Street.

Into the evening, officers and PPB specialty units continue to investigate this shooting.

There, officers found a man with a single gunshot wound to the chest. Officers retrieved their Individual First Aid Kits and began providing emergency medical aid to the gunshot victim. An officer applied two chest seals to the wound.

The male victim was rushed to a local hospital with a life-threatening injury. After care at the hospital, the victim’s condition was upgraded to “stable”.

Why no booking photo for 22-year-old Rocky Allan Rainwater? CLICK HERE to learn why you’re not permitted to see this suspect; who spent only hours in jail before being released.

The suspect, 22-year-old Rocky Allan Rainwater was reportedly cooperative with officers at the scene. PPB’s Detective’s Special Victim’s Unit responded to the scene to investigate.

At the conclusion of the investigation at the scene, Rainwater was arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) at 11:08 p.m. that evening on charges of Assault in the First Degree (Domestic Violence), and Unlawful Use of a Weapon.

Although accused of a Class A Felony and a Class C Felony, after his arraignment on August 30, Rainwater was released with no bail required. Release Reason: Court Ordered Release.

This is Case No. 22-233002.

Additional shooting calls

In addition to these injury shooting incidents, PPB officers were also dispatched on these six (6) other “Shooting-with Weapon” calls this week:

Case No.      Date and Time                 Location

22-228792       08/25/2022 at 05:42:26           1600 Block of NE 162ND AVE
22-231565       08/28/2022 at 03:58:49           SE 150TH AVE / SE POWELL BLVD
22-232277       08/28/2022 at 22:40:56           1100 Block of NE 99TH AVE
22-234221       08/30/2022 at 21:50:15           10200 Block of SE DIVISION ST
22-234466       08/31/2022 at 05:59:14           7100 Block of SE POWELL BLVD
22-234221       08/30/2022 at 21:50:15           10200 Block of SE DIVISION ST

If you have information about any of these incidents, and have not already spoken to police, please e-mail: – and include the applicable Case Number, as we have provided them above.

~ Shots Fired Report ~

The number of “Shots Fired” calls has risen once again to typical levels, with 36 of them recorded this week throughout outer East Portland. Officers do not always find evidence of shooting at all of the calls to which they are dispatched.

August 24
22-228456       08/24/2022 at 19:43:51           SE RAYMOND ST / SE 77TH AVE

22-228520       08/24/2022 at 21:25:34           8700 Block of SE LINCOLN ST

August 25 [+6 calls outside our area]
22-228722       08/25/2022 at 02:46:23           14200 Block of SE CENTER ST
22-228727       08/25/2022 at 02:58:05           11400 Block of NE HALSEY ST
22-228735       08/25/2022 at 03:14:29           1900 Block of NE 67TH AVE
22-228874       08/25/2022 at 07:16:02           SE 153RD AVE / SE DIVISION ST
22-228456       08/24/2022 at 19:43:51           SE RAYMOND ST / SE 77TH AVE
22-229496       08/25/2022 at 21:10:12           15800 Block of SE STARK ST
22-229614       08/25/2022 at 23:15:58           NE 65TH AVE / NE HALSEY ST

August 26 [+7 calls outside our area]
22-229665       08/26/2022 at 00:35:31           3500 Block of SE 128TH AVE
22-229682       08/26/2022 at 01:01:10           2200 Block of NE 102ND AVE
22-229876       08/26/2022 at 07:54:18           NE 112TH AVE / NE HOLMAN ST
22-229897       08/26/2022 at 08:03:27           00 Block of NE 125TH PL
22-230460       08/26/2022 at 21:56:34           3300 Block of SE 122ND AVE

August 27 [+6 calls outside our area]
22-230625       08/27/2022 at 04:13:07           2300 Block of SE 70TH AVE
22-035225       08/27/2022 at 13:58:07           8200 Block of SE BARBARA WELCH RD
22-231030       08/27/2022 at 15:58:27           SE 130TH AVE / SE LINCOLN ST
22-231130       08/27/2022 at 18:15:43           SE GLENWOOD ST / SE 96TH AVE
22-231255       08/27/2022 at 21:34:44           12200 Block of SE RAMONA ST
22-231279       08/27/2022 at 22:10:41           NE 99TH AVE / NE GLISAN ST
22-231313       08/27/2022 at 22:45:30           SE 120TH AVE / SE LINCOLN ST
22-231375       08/27/2022 at 23:43:31           9100 Block of NE IRVING ST
22-231377       08/27/2022 at 23:45:08           NE 82ND AVE / NE THOMPSON ST

August 28 [+8 calls outside our area]
22-231649       08/28/2022 at 07:26:57           SE 153RD AVE / SE DIVISION ST
22-231659       08/28/2022 at 07:48:24           3600 Block of SE 136TH AVE
22-232266       08/28/2022 at 22:29:14           SE 115TH AVE / SE HAROLD ST
22-232273       08/28/2022 at 22:37:47           SE BUSH ST / SE 122ND AVE

August 29 [+3 calls outside our area]
22-232808       08/29/2022 at 14:10:45           12800 Block of SE STARK ST
22-233131       08/29/2022 at 20:52:09           NE SKIDMORE ST / NE 54TH AVE
22-233250       08/29/2022 at 23:10:33           3700 Block of NE 154TH AVE

August 30 [+7 calls outside our area]
22-233392       08/30/2022 at 03:24:48           5900 Block of SE 89TH AVE
22-233408       08/30/2022 at 04:21:52           10200 Block of NE CASCADES PKWY

August 31 [+5 calls outside our area]
22-234419       08/31/2022 at 04:36:40           SE 122ND AVE / SE DIVISION ST
22-234615       08/31/2022 at 09:51:55           NE 104TH AVE / NE SANDY BLVD
22-234419       08/31/2022 at 04:36:40           SE 122ND AVE / SE DIVISION ST
22-234615       08/31/2022 at 09:51:55           NE 104TH AVE / NE SANDY BLVD

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mayor Wheeler berates PPB Chief Lovell; Commissioner Hardesty cheers

PPB Chief Chuck Lovell presents information from the 2021 Crime Report to the Council to the Portland City Council in their afternoon session on August 31. City of Portland City Council Meeting still image

One of the more unusual – and telling – exchanges on the topic of policing and public safety in the Portland City Council Chambers took place during the Council’s August 31 session.

At this meeting, held both in person and online in the City Hall Second Floor Auditorium, PPB Chief Chuck Lovell presented his 2021 Crime Report to the Council.

Lovell pointed out that, in 2021, there were 84 homicides, a 65% increase from 2020 – substantially up from the 10-year average of 25 homicides. He also noted that there were 1,300 shootings, up 219% over 2020.

In his report, Lovell documented the shortage of patrol and special unit officers available to be on duty, as shootings continue to increase across our city. The Chief of Police said that the Bureau has lost a number of sworn personnel who had substantial “institutional knowledge” just in June.

Continuing, Lovell pointed out that the PPB continues to employ about 200 fewer officers than it did in 2020.

While Mayor Ted Wheeler uses foul language at Chief Lovell in open City Council, Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty the video of this Portland City Council meeting clearly shows her dancing in her seat while waving her hands in the air. City of Portland City Council Meeting still image

“We can stop using the messaging, at every turn – that the reason we can’t help our citizens with basic criminal justice issues is because we don’t have the personnel. Bulls**t,” exploded Mayor Ted Wheeler. “We have to find better ways to address this crisis,” he continued.

“Our entire first responder system in this city, according to the people who run it, is 20 years behind the ball and critically understaffed, and that is our number one responsibility to the people of this community: Safety,” Wheeler added.

Question of the week: Is having too few officers really a “Bulls**t” reason for a skyrocketing crime rate?

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