Shooting in Cully injures four

Week #156 Shooting Report | INCLUDES INVESTIGATORY VIDEO | Learn more about this week’s major outer East Portland shooting. Good news: Our police are still taking away illegally-held guns, and busting car thieves …

At this week’s East Portland Shooting, the evidence is in abundance on this neighborhood street in the Cully neighborhood.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Three years ago this week, no one would have imagined that East Portland News’ coverage of shootings and gunshot murders would swell up into what has become the “Weekly Shooting Report” – this week, in its 156th edition.

How did this shooting rampage begin? Who is responsible? CLICK HERE to learn why we’ve had so many shootings.

May 3
Four injured as gunfire erupts in Cully neighborhood

With so much evidence littering this neighborhood street, it takes some time for officers and specialty PPB teams to find and document all of it.

On a narrow parking strip, an officer discovers a semi-automatic pistol.

While many Portlanders were headed downtown to enjoy the Portland Rose Festival’s Starlight Parade on Saturday evening, May 3, the usual peace and quiet along two of the small streets in the Cully neighborhood were shattered with a barrage of bullets.

Portland Police Bureau (PPB) North Precinct officers were dispatched at 5:11 p.m. – first, to the 5600 block of NE Wygant Street. Nothing was found there, other than bicyclists enjoying the evening, and neighbors walking their dogs. But they quickly found where they were needed.

Neighbors out for a walk reported that there were “a lot of cops” just a block away.

As part of the investigation, PPB FIT Lt. Kenneth Duilio interviews a neighbor.

Officers observe and mark bullet holes in this Mercedes sedan.

Indeed, NE 55th Avenue was blocked with police vehicles at Webster Street. However, the actual scene of the shooting turned out to be one short block north along narrow Sumner Street – a short one-house-long dead-end stub of a road.

Many of the neighbors in the area, who were home at the time, told reporters that they heard what sounded like “100 shots fired” over a five- to eight-minute period; and then had  heard a young-sounding voice screaming “Hey, I’ve been shot!” as Portland Fire & Rescue paramedics and PPB officers arrived.

Watch as officers and investigators continue to collect evidence at this shooting scene:

“I can confirm that there were four shooting victims, all believed to be adults,” PPB Public Information Officer Sgt. Kevin Allen later told us.

“Responding North Precinct officers provided trauma first aid, before emergency medical services arrived; two of the four victims went to a local hospital by ambulance,” Sgt. Allen said, adding that the other two injured arrived at hospitals in private vehicles.

Careful not to disturb all the evidence surrounding them, officers continue their work the crime scene.

A PPB Forensics Division “crime scene investigator” photographs bullet holes in a home’s garage doors.

“The injuries are not life-threatening,” Sgt. Allen added.

The PPB’s Enhanced Community Safety Team and Focused Intervention Team arrived to investigate the shooting, along with a Forensics Division worker there to document the scene.

“No immediate arrests were made, but it’s early in the investigation,” Sgt. Allen remarked.

If you have information please contact the PPB’s ECST at, and write that your information is regarding Case No. 23-146043.

Officers still busting crooks, seizing
guns, drugs and stolen cars

Before heading out on a mission to find stolen cars on Friday, June 2nd, officers assemble for a briefing in the PPB East Precinct classroom. PPB image

When not investigating shootings and stabbings, PPB East Precinct officers continue to go out on active crime-reduction missions.

June 2-3
Stolen vehicle missions
Officers from the East Precinct Stolen Vehicle Operation, along with those from the Gresham Police Department and the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office staff. went on patrol looking for stolen vehicles.

These are two of the twenty individuals taken into custody during the one-day Stolen Vehicle Operation. PPB images

At two different traffic stops, these handguns were taken from suspects carrying them illegally. PPB images

During that shift, officers located twelve stolen vehicles, three illegally possessed firearms (one of them stolen), took twenty suspects into custody, and served fifteen active warrants.

June 5
Warrant in Wilkes results in huge gun bust

Look at this arsenal of weapons, stash of cash, and drugs — all found at this house in the Wilkes Community Group. PPB image

After the PPB’s East Precinct Neighborhood Response Team (NRT) received multiple drug-house complaints from neighbors in the Wilkes neighborhood, they worked on the case, suited up, and took action on June 5.

Just north of Glendoveer Golf Course, on NE Halsey Street at 142nd Avenue, the NRT officers served a warrant. The result: Nineteen firearms, some body armor, cash, a large quantity of Methamphetamine, Fentanyl, Heroin, and Cocaine – and four suspects taken into custody.

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