Second outdoor market opens the season, in Montavilla

Even on its first day, the Montavilla Farmers Market was buzzing with activity. Find out what’s in store – actually, in “stall” – this year …

The Montavilla Farmers Market kicks off the 2013 season with a full roster of vendors – and lots of happy shoppers.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
With sunny skies overhead, the Montavilla Farmers Market kicked off its new season on June 2.

“In some ways, it’s hard to believe that this is – already – our seventh season,” exclaimed Market Manager Gretchan Jackson.

> Take a look at their very first opening day, in our 2007 article about the grand opening of the Montavilla Farmers Market: CLICK HERE.

Montavilla Farmers Market “charter volunteer” Audrey Marshall spends a moment with Manager Gretchan Jackson.

Vyasa Thomas of Simplicity Gardens replenishes his display.

“The market kicked off today, full of vendors and shoppers, much like it did back in 2007 when we launched it.

“It’s fantastic! A mix of old friends and new ones,” Jackson remarked to East Portland News. “We see children who’ve grown, and we talk with folks from the community. It’s the same feeling we had, when this was a new idea, here in Montavilla.”

Shoppers find fresh veggies brought in from Corbett at the Fiddlehead Farms stand.

Market visitors covertly smack their lips, after tasting the green garlic and onion stuffed pork tenderloin, prepared in the cooking demonstration area by Chef Ryan Beibtry.

At the season-opening market, 40 vendors looked pleased by the steady stream of customers coming by, looking at their displays and buying their goods.

Types of foods one will find at this market include produce and fruits, and processed foods – from GMO-free caramel corn, to charcuterie [bacon, ham, sausage, pâtés, and confit]. “Our offerings really run the gamut,” observed Jackson about this outer East Portland outdoor market. “We also have prepared foods from four fantastic hot food vendors.”

Shopper Derek Solonka asks Gemma Schmit for another taste of “Rev. Nat’s Hard Cider” – which is new to the market this year. Note: The good reverend will return to the market on June 23.

Adult beverages are a new addition this year, the market manager pointed out, including “Rev. Nat’s Hard Cider”. “In upcoming markets, we’ll soon feature spirits and wine as well.”

What sets the Montavilla Farmers Market apart, Jackson opined, is “The neighborhood feel. There is a lot of ownership for what we do. It’s a great intersection of vendors and customers. It is not just a place to shop; folks linger here.”

From that delighted, eager expression, it’s clear that Oliver Sage is enjoying his cool treat from Scoop Handmade Ice Cream.

About 25 volunteers help run the market, Jackson remarked. “And of course, we can always use more volunteers. Always!

Montavilla Farmers Market

  • Debit cards accepted to purchase market tokens
  • Open every Sunday until October 31
  • 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.
  • 7600 Block of SE Stark Street, just west of the Academy Theater,
    across the street from Mr. Plywood.
  • For more information, see their website: CLICK HERE.


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